Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spencer Playground

Not really exciting for an adult but it's a great little playground for kids.  It was a hot day and I had a migraine so we didn't go far or stay out too long but Mr. No had lots of fun climbing all over and playing in the pirate ship. He was a little timid at first, as always.  He did end up running around and playing with other kids and having a great time overall.
one half of the playground
Mr. No seems to love the spiral slides the best.  So glad he is over his fear of them!
he shot his arm out at the last second :(

 He was a big fan of the little house and tic-tac-toe under the pirate ship, too. 

I'll be O!
Welcome to my home!

And of course we brought the bubble stuff!  What's an afternoon at the park without bubbles? H thought it was hilarious to blow bubbles out of the animal's mouth. Mr. No just thought it was silly.

bubble chasing in the pirate ship

H blowing bubbles in the pirate ship

2 monkeys and some bubbles

Mr. No had to climb through the bubbles of course!
 Just another simple afternoon but an enjoyable one.  I'm sure he had more fun today at the kid's museum with H while I was at the beach celebrating birthdays with a dear friend but any day he gets to play outside is a good day for Mr. No.

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