Monday, April 30, 2012

Favorite Photo from April

I actually took photos of something other than Mr. No this month but my favorites are always of him, anyway. A cute little Mr. No half-smile...

The Paper Mama Photo ChallengeClick It Up A Notch

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simple Things Sunday/Davis Farmland

The highlight of Mr. No's week was a trip to the finally open for the season Davis Farmland.  Mr. No gets to leisurely walk around petting and feeding farm animals and, when he tires of that, they have a bouncy house and a play area.  I have to admit that I love seeing the baby animals probably more than he does.  The baby chicks are my favorite!  He loves the baby goats. I was going to do 2 separate posts but I don't have the time so there are a lot of photos this week. I have to start doing collages...

the calves love to suck on your clothes..No thought it was hilarious

petting the one day old baby goat!

Mr. No got to collect chicken eggs for the first time ever.  Here he was questioning why he could only collect 2 eggs and tried to negotiate one more.

they get a little crazy when they see that purple cup!

how cute the baby emu?!?

tractor rides!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Leap Into Spring Challenge: Rain/Water

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge

It finally rained this week but I've been too busy to even get out and enjoy it.  I did get a few photos of Mr. No in one of the rainstorms this spring and I think those are the only spring rain/water photos I've taken.  Mr. No has always loved puddle jumping and I'm one of those moms who encourages it.  Water, fresh air and fun. Perfect! (as Mr. No would say)

We did also hit the beach already this year.  It is a spring tradition to go to the ocean on the first 80 degree day of the year but it didn't really seem fitting for a Spring challenge. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Davis Farmland

We are lucky enough to have a super cute little farmland near us where little kids can feed and pet farm animals.  We're also lucky enough that weekdays are half price after 2 pm. So this week we decided to head there after Mr. No got out of school.  Such cute baby animals!  So I decided to flashback this week to Mr. No's first Davis Farmland trip (with me anyway).  He was only an 18 month old little peanut!

too scared to feed the little goats with Nana

he even got to meet and take a photo with Elmo!

Nana and Mr. No petting the sweet donkey

and of course, his favorite part was the water area

Flashback Friday

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Leap Into Spring Challenge: Blossoms/Trees

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge

Trees are blossoming all around our yard this year.  Beautiful little flowers are bursting on almost every one. I wish I had more time this week to take photos before this crazy wind started today. Here are a few from our tree in front...

and just one from our trip to the botanic gardens

Mr. No wanted to post his photos, too.  So here are five of the 100 he took at the botanic gardens:

Simple Things Sunday

I know that I only had the camera out one day this week.  School vacation week means Mr. No is home and I'm at work all week.  We did get to cram some quality time into the mornings, though.  Mostly we worked on planting our seeds and getting things ready for spring!  Mr. No started on his gnome gardens.  He planted seeds and has been watering them very carefully every morning.  We are going to have to order his gnomes soon so, that when the flowers start to grow, they will be able to move right in one surprise morning. So here's Mr. No in his slightly twisted cars pj bottoms, mismatched Yoda "Awesome I Am" t-shirt somewhat tucked into his bottoms and sandals carefully watering his seeds.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

Friday, Mr. No and I decided to just spend the day hanging out and playing with toys.  He has always been obsessed with small collectible toys.  He never really had many big toys and most of the ones he does have were things we found in storage.  So of course, he had to bring tons of his little guys outside to play...his Trash Pack guys (who are pretty gross) and his GoGos.  he also allowed me to take his photo which is rare lately!  Probably from having a camera in his face since birth, poor thing.

flinging trashies off a trap in the wild west town

cutest little face ever!

attacking with his fire GoGo
almost all of his GoGos
planning his battle strategy
That's a typical afternoon playing with Mr. No...setting up a hundred guys then battling until all the guys are knocked down and I lose.  At least he split the guys evenly this time.