Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flashback Friday: New Year's Eve Laziness!

It didn't really hit me until now but apparently we are completely lazy and antisocial on New Year's Eve.  I can't remember the last time we did anything for New Year's.  This year we are all sick so once again we'll be lazing around at home. I can barely find any New Year's Eve photos so here are some from New Year's Eve 2008.  Mr. No's celebration centered around his giant stuffed panda.  He was always so cute and snuggly!

Flashback Friday

Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

I've barely been keeping up with things but am going to catch up one of these days. Today, though, I'm linking up with Click it up a Notch and posting my top 11 photos of Mr. No from 2011.  Honestly, I have to say that I am less than thrilled with my photos this year.  Maybe it's that Mr. No hates having his picture taken now or that he's always on the move or that my anxiety has peaked this year, who knows? I do know that I really have to get back into this year.  Anyhoo, here's the top 11 in chronological order:

1.  From January, Mr. No and H playing at the Providence Children's Museum.  Mr. No spends so much time at kid's museums thanks to that pass that I had to add 1 photo.  He'd go to one every day if he could.

2.  From February, our mini vacation at Nana's with the insanely large icicles.  Mr. No decided this year that he loves ice and icicles.  I've always loved those big blue eyes!

3. Also February from our mini vacation, this is just Mr. No being cute, silly Mr. No.   Love his silly personality!

4.  From March,  Mr. No in his firefighter rain boots.  He has spent so much time in these boots over the past 2 years and had so much fun puddle jumping.  This one is truly one of my favorites.

5.  From April,  one of our many trips to Wickham Park.  Another one that just captures Mr. No being cute Mr. No.

6.  From May, our first beach trip of the year.  It was windy and slightly chilly but a great day to be there.  Mr. No found his love for the beach and his love for lake water again this year.  Yay!  Now I have a little fishy to swim with again!  I chose this one because this was really Mr. No's mood that day.  Quiet, relaxed and just taking it all in.

7.   From June, one of the extremely rare photos of all 3 of us.  I rarely consent to being photographed but it was a beautiful place and we had a great day there that I said what the heck!  I think the rock bench did a good job of holding the camera for me.  It was a crazy windy day and it was the only safe place.

8.  From July, Mr. No at our new house.  He's so excited to have a big room and a play room and a big yard to run around in. 

9.  From September, more rain boots!  Mr. No loves to puddle jump and is now a fantastic jumper!

10.  From October, a snuggly Mr. No and H moment!  I think you can see how much they love each other.  This was from our day at Old Sturbridge Village thanks to H's work!

11.  From December, Mr. No decorating the Christmas tree.  He actually decorated 3 trees this year and decorated most of this big one by himself.  He is my little helper.

Well, there you have it.  My top 11 Mr. No photos from this year.  Hopefully next year will have better ones!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Flashback Friday: Mr. No's First Christmas

Mr. No was only 24 days old on his first Christmas!  I cannot believe how small he was!  (well, small for Mr. No!)

such a cute little Christmas outfit!

peeking in his stocking
Flashback Friday

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flashback Friday: Santa No

1 year old Mr. No and his gorgeous baby blues that are not so blue any more...

Flashback Friday

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Little Fall Fun, Part 2

I really hate sharing a computer! Must. Get. New. Computer. I'm getting so behind on backing up photos and posting them to eventually put into a book for Mr. No. Here is the 2nd part (finally!) of Mr. No's Fall fun, aka the rest of October minus the Old Sturbridge Village photos.

Mr. No is finally taking an interest in drawing.  He likes crafts because he wants things to clearly look like a specific thing that everyone can identify.  I can see how it would be frustrating for people to say 'Oh that's so cute, what is it?' all of the time.  I did read some article years ago on how you're supposed to say "Tell me about it?" so you don't bruise their egos.  Mr. No is not fooled by that.  He rolls his eyes and says it's a monster (or whatever)  and it's face is right there, Mo-om.  (You know that sarcastic, sassy version on Mom that I can't stand.) So I just say, "what did you draw?" before I even look at the paper.  Luckily he'll happily tell me and it's not insulting to him. Phew.  And now he's a little more interested and finally drew his first person all by himself.  I think it's the cutest person ever!

cutest little person ever!

drawing with the neighbor

We made sidewalk paint for the first time.  Mr. No was super excited about this and, of course, helped by squeezing in the food coloring.  He loved pouring them out far more than painting with them.  He did end up making an interesting little picture, though.

his little creation

not sure what this face was all about...
Nana and Papa signed Mr. no up for soccer this fall.  He fought going every time, had a blast while he was there and then complained about it later on.  Mr. No just does NOT like to be told what to do or how to do things.  He did learn a little about soccer, had some fun and loves doing the statue pose.

It was also our first year decorating outside (a little bit) for Halloween.  Mr. No is all about the holidays this year.  He's so excited for his birthday party and Christmas that I'm afraid he's going to explode.  It's adorable and very draining at the same time.  Here are our leaf stuffed ghosties!

Our awesome kid's museum pass also gets us into the Ecotarium for free!  Mr. No loves any kid of museum or any place with animals so it's a hit with him. We met Mr. No's friend, Noodle, and her mom there for a little play time fun.  The Nos are just adorable together.

everyone crammed in the wind tunnel
Mr. No squished in the middle

following Noodle around

sitting together, learning about turtles

Mr. No's amazing ferret show!

And last is the Halloween festivities!  Mr. No's trick or treat was pushed back this year due to the freak October snowstorm.  He did get to have a Halloween parade at school (where it rained, of course, and they had to parade inside) and went trick or treating in Nana's neighborhood which is awesome for trick or treating. Lots of festive houses and lots of candy!  He was a fire chief, a costume he picked at the last minute.  I think it was because the fire department visited his school right before we went to get a costume.

school parade...he held up the line hiding his face from pictures

all ready to go!
Trick or Treat!

heading back to Nana's after a long night begging for candy
 Now I just have to go through the Old Sturbridge Village and Thanksgiving photos before Christmas comes.  I have a feeling his birthday party photos will be posted first.  I am a little stressed about his party.  I'm making all the decorations and cake for his candy land party and I hope they look okay!  We'll find out on Sunday.  Eek!