Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quarterly Top 5 Photos


I both love and hate this!  I love going through and looking at how Mr. No has changed in the past 3 months but hate trying to narrow it down to just 5 favorite photos of him.  I think it's more that I am absolutely terrible at decisions of any kind than that I truly love so many.  Though, I can't believe how old he is now and how old he looks!  No more baby No left any more.  Anyhoo, here are my top 5 photos of Mr. No in chronological order:

Mr. No's Valentine's Day card photo. I love it because it cracks me up. And it was one of the few times I could actually get him to sit still and pose for me!

I love how he's so serious about his counting! And it's reminder of how I love our lazy days together.  He's counting animals in the cars while we were playing the cars and trucks cars game together.  He won, as usual.

Had to include a photo of the No's having fun together! He loves his friend Noodle so much! It's crazy how she's a year older and he's a head taller.

I just love how cool he looks with the glow sticks.  If anyone hasn't tried it, go to the dollar tree, get 3 packs of the glow stick (not bracelets or necklaces), snap 'em and toss them in the bath. Turn out the lights for extra wonderful bath time fun!  I seriously want to take a bath like this myself!

It wouldn't be a top 5 of Mr. No if there wasn't a puddle jumping photo!  One of his absolute favorite activities is puddle jumping and we still have the black and red firefighter boots!   He has almost outgrown them so we are on a search for another pair!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

Well, it's not actually Sunday but I thought I'd join anyway.  Mr. No and I decided (after finding the idea on Pinterest) to make his bath time more interested by having it by the light of glow sticks only.  Even H thought it was pretty cool and Mr. No loved it!  I'll definitely use more glow sticks next time, though.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Beach Trip of 2012!

Temperatures reached near 80 this week (which you couldn't believe right now at the chilly-ish 42 degrees) so of course we had to take our first trip of the year to Crane Beach!  The beach was beautiful as usual, the temperature hot and the water...beyond icy!  I've never had such frozen feet in my life but I pushed through and did my mom duty to find snails for Mr. No.  Actually H was the only wimp.  Yes, even ocean fearing Mr. No went right into the water...up to his thighs even!  So proud of him!

H forgot to pack Mr. No's beach toys so we had to stop on the way for some.  Unfortunately (for me), it came with a water gun.  Since H spent most of his time on the beach like this:

I was the one who was attacked his the water gun. Repeatedly.  I probably should leave out the part where I also filled it up for him repeatedly.  Can't really complain then, can I?

The he spotted a mom and son building a sand village? castle? something and wanted to collect shells to make his own creations.  Luckily it is a wonderful beach for collecting shells even when it's busy.

collecting shells. you can see the mom, son and creation behind him

one of Mr. No's shell castles

finishing up his shell village (all the mounds near him are his buildings)
Then he decided that he wanted snails, so we had to go back to H so they could stay together while I braved the icy water. 

trying to remember which way to go.
Of course he had to chase a few poor unsuspecting seagulls on his way down to the water.

Then he surprised both me and H by going into the water. Willingly.

H was coerced into it but then ran out after only a few seconds.  Mr. No tried to chase him back in several times but H wasn't having any of it.

So Mr. No tried to show him how it's done.

Mr. No walking on water (jumping)

I did find a few snails and a pair of sweet women found Mr. No a couple of sand dollars.  We do visit gently with them and then return them to the ocean before we leave.  We never harm anything or attempt to bring them home. Here is Mr. No posing with one of his "little buddies".

The rest of the photos here are just the normal non-Mr. No beach photos. :)

the crystal clear water

a few of our friends



the sea gulls fighting over a stolen bagel

some of the horses on the beach:

and our view as we were leaving

It was a fun, relaxing, wonderful day and I almost can't wait until the weather warms up enough for us to go again.  I do hope there is some sort of spring this year rather than our typical months and months of winter followed by 2 weeks of spring before the unbearable heat of summer comes.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday: Beach Baby

Since yesterday was our first beach trip of the year, I found a cute Mr. No photo from one of his first beach trips. Please note the snails on his hat. Even with a mild winter it seems odd to have a beach day in March but looking back, every year our first 80 degree beach day is always in the end of March or early April. Gotta love the crazy New England weather!

Flashback Friday

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hodges Village Dam

This week is another week of me and Mr. No all on our own.  Surprisingly, we're keeping busy even with a Mama who hates to drive.  Last week, with H around, we finally traveled the 10 minutes down the road to Hodges Village Dam.  It was an awesome place for little kids to roam with wide paths and lots to look at.  It was around 1pm and the sun was bright and hot so we didn't stay too long but we did meet a few dogs and their people.  Just wish a few more of them would have obeyed the scoop your poop signs.  Ick.

he loves to stick his face right in the camera lens!


throwing rocks even though he was told 50 times not to

Daddy's little clone


he can even walk away sassy

drawing pictures in the dirt...see our little friend in the background?

checking his hands because H told him he was going to get splinters

we'll definitely go back...just during a cooler part of the day.  Mr. No and I could even travel that distance alone.