Thursday, March 8, 2012

Capron Zoo: Lions

Mr. No loves to go to the zoo!  He adores animals and when we asked him what he wanted to do on a beautiful 55 degree day, of course he said he wanted to go to the zoo.  Specifically a zoo with lions.  There are only 2 zoo near us with lions...the Franklin Zoo which is expensive and only has 1 male lion and the Capron Zoo which is affordable and has 3 very happy lions.  We took option 2 which is also an easier drive.  I was trying out a new lens...well an old lens for a 35mm camera that was given to me that I had just gotten an adapter ring for.  It was incredibly hard to adjust to only having manual focus.  Add to that the fact that I forgot it was on custom white balance from the other day and the photos weren't as great as I had hoped.  It was also extremely difficult when I have Mr. No shouting , Mama take a picture of this one form one side and H saying, hey get a picture of this guy from the other side while I'm attempting to focus on the animal in the middle.  I'm surprised my head didn't spin off! 

The lions were in an adorably affectionate mood yesterday.  Usually the females are lazing in the background an the male is posing int he front fully aware of how handsome he is.  Yesterday, the male was lazing int he background and one of the females decided she wanted a cuddle.  I've never seen anything so adorable at the zoo! So here are Mr. No's lions!

Mr. Handsome posing as usual
the sleepy female before she decided to get up for a cuddle

how cute is this!?!

settling in for a nap

baring those teeth!


the 2nd female who eventually got up and moved closer to the other 2
Too adorable!  See why I had to post just about them?  Mr. No and the rest of the animals will be along soon.

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