Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quarterly Top 5 Photos


I both love and hate this!  I love going through and looking at how Mr. No has changed in the past 3 months but hate trying to narrow it down to just 5 favorite photos of him.  I think it's more that I am absolutely terrible at decisions of any kind than that I truly love so many.  Though, I can't believe how old he is now and how old he looks!  No more baby No left any more.  Anyhoo, here are my top 5 photos of Mr. No in chronological order:

Mr. No's Valentine's Day card photo. I love it because it cracks me up. And it was one of the few times I could actually get him to sit still and pose for me!

I love how he's so serious about his counting! And it's reminder of how I love our lazy days together.  He's counting animals in the cars while we were playing the cars and trucks cars game together.  He won, as usual.

Had to include a photo of the No's having fun together! He loves his friend Noodle so much! It's crazy how she's a year older and he's a head taller.

I just love how cool he looks with the glow sticks.  If anyone hasn't tried it, go to the dollar tree, get 3 packs of the glow stick (not bracelets or necklaces), snap 'em and toss them in the bath. Turn out the lights for extra wonderful bath time fun!  I seriously want to take a bath like this myself!

It wouldn't be a top 5 of Mr. No if there wasn't a puddle jumping photo!  One of his absolute favorite activities is puddle jumping and we still have the black and red firefighter boots!   He has almost outgrown them so we are on a search for another pair!


  1. WHat a great set - love the mustache...and you're right, who doesn't love some puddle splashing!

  2. These are all great shots, but I love the glow stick one! Very cool!

  3. Great shots!! I love that first one and the last two. So cute. Thanks for linking up with us.

  4. Great Photos! I love the glow sticks and the puddles but i must say it was the mustache that drew me in =)