Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vacation at Nana's House, Part 2

I really wish I had a better memory so I could record all the hilarious things Mr. No says. He makes me laugh more than anyone I have every met. I do have have to get his excited face (and accompanying noise) on video. I can't allow myself to forget that. There is only one funny, sassmouth Noah conversation that I remember from our Nana trip and that's only because I had to share it on Facebook.

Mr. No was in the bathtub when H was at work. He started throwing toys out of the tub. After 3, please stop doing that, you're getting water all over Nana's bathroom comments, I got a little fed up.
Me: If you don't stop doing that, you will get out of the tub right now and do straight to bed!
Mr. No: I've had it! I just love you and you do nothing but treat me like crap!
And I just laughed. I always slightly worry when I laugh at these things he says because he is typically truly mad when he says them. Luckily, he just laughed as well and said, I was really funny, wasn't I? Funny, fresh, it's all the same. Just to note, he gets that phrase from H. Any time you pick on H for anything, he says "all I do is love and cherish you and you treat me like nothing but crap". Nice example, H!

We actually got a little snow that weekend but Mr. No ended up with a slight fever and couldn't even get out to enjoy it. So, in true resourceful Mom style, I brought the snow in to him. He was beyond thrilled and we made a snowman Elmo, completely his idea.

Since we love to test out new things, we tried a salt based doodle paint (from Delaware County Moms) that I wish we had squeeze bottles for and shaving cream paint (from Mom Endeavors). I do love Pinterest! Mr. No was more than happy to do his own thing with them even though we didn't have the squeeze bottles. Actually, I like the gritty texture of the just painted on doodle paint more. We will definitely make them again!

his painting for me...need to get a photo of it dry

Two Dragons. His painting for Nana and Papa.
Mr. No spent the better part of one morning taking pictures with his camera and playing with his robot bugs before we started our lessons for the day. He loves his kids cameras but we're all disappointed by the ridiculously horrible quality of the photos. Makes him sad when the pictures are blurry (because he didn't stand perfectly, absolutely still).

he wanted a photo with his little friends

frogs and ducks helping him search for the letter P

To round of the morning, we played a round of the caterpillar game he got for Christmas and then let him rest with a movie since he still wasn't feeling 100%. You do need to watch him like a hawk when you play games with him. He'll toss the dice across the room so he can switch the color (or number, depending on the game), roll or spin behind his back or try to distract you so he can cheat. He's too smart and too fresh.

Favorite January Photo (#2)

I can never really pick only one favorite photo of Mr. No, anyway, so here is favorite January Photo #2 for the contest at Click It Up a Notch.  I love this one because only Mr. No can make a fake mustache look this good!  It's also going to be the photo on his Valentine's Day card for his preschool friends.

Click It Up A Notch

Monday, January 30, 2012

Vacation at Nana's House

Every year we get to spend a quiet relaxing week at my mom's house while she is off enjoying a tropical island.  We're forced to constantly interact with each other since there is no internet or video game distractions.  Mr. No and I love it.  It seems like I'm internet obsessed at home and don't miss it a bit when we're there.  H, on the other hand, was having serious withdrawals...mostly at night when Mr. No and I were asleep since he's  night owl due to his job.   Mr. No was so happy there that he even enjoyed having his picture taken again. 

too much cuteness!

Although he quickly got annoyed, put on his angry face and stuck in right in my camera lens.  He's a fresh little thing.

We have a little friend called the Binky Fairy (introduced to me by the genius Mikay) who comes any time there is a big boy change in Mr. No's life.  She first came when it was time for the Binkies to go, of course.  And she came again when we stayed at Nana's.  Mr. No is a super snuggly, super clingy Mama's boy who co-slept for quite a while and then had issues transitioning to a big boy bed in his own room after the move.  He needed someone in there snuggling him until he fell asleep which took anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  Well, that ended at Nana's.  2 stories, hugs and kisses and to bed by himself.  Barely fussed about it and fell asleep within 10 to 15 minutes.  Why? because if he did it without a fuss, the Binky Fairy would come and bring him a present.  Here he is the morning after she came with the Pokemon toys she left for him.  He's been sleeping on his own ever since and still falls asleep within 15 minutes.

Learning time!  And H even helped out!

I love this one!

H is a coin collector, for now.  His hobbies change periodically.  Mr. No thinks it's awesome and loves to look at coins (which H doesn't want him to touch.) We call them treasure. ( And now I have ideas for a pirate birthday next year...)  So H gets him inexpensive foreign coins whenever he goes to the coin shop so Mr. No has his own.  H got a huge bag for him for only a few dollars at a new shop he found that week.  H did try to steal a token or two that were in there.  Mr. No was onto him though.

It's cool, right Daddy?  Don't take it!!!

How boys play...my flash didn't fire so it ended up as a silhouette.

Learning games.  Mr. No and I played so many card games it was crazy.  And he loves them!  Richard Scarry's Car and Trucks game...teaches counting, number recognition, more and less and simple addition.  He wins every time.

3 letter word puzzles...he doesn't even realize it's a learning game.

 That's just the beginning of our week of Mr. No home activities.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photo Challenge: Favorite Photo of January

Mr. No was in a picture taking mood this month and have far more photos than usual of him being silly and cute but for some reason this one is my favorite.  I think it's because, for once, you can still see his baby self in my tall preschooler.

I'm linking up with Chelsey at The Paper Mama for the Favorite Photo of January challenge.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Mr. No in the Snow

We really haven't gotten any snow this winter which is crazy for New England.  Of course, when we took our week vacation at my mom's what comes to visit?  Snow.  Every year when we stay at my mom's it snows.  Last year it was ridiculous amounts of snow.  This year, a few inches that is now gone and Mr. No didn't even get to play in it since he was a little sick-y.  So for this week's Flashback Friday, I dug out the photos of the first time Mr. No ever played in the snow.  He was 13 months old and so adorable and pudgy!!!

look at that cute little face!!!

tasting the snow and not certain what to make of it
figuring out that it's so much fun to throw
 I'm in no way hoping for snow but it would be nice to have a few inches in the yard so he can try out the nice hill that's perfect for sledding.

Flashback Friday