Monday, January 30, 2012

Vacation at Nana's House

Every year we get to spend a quiet relaxing week at my mom's house while she is off enjoying a tropical island.  We're forced to constantly interact with each other since there is no internet or video game distractions.  Mr. No and I love it.  It seems like I'm internet obsessed at home and don't miss it a bit when we're there.  H, on the other hand, was having serious withdrawals...mostly at night when Mr. No and I were asleep since he's  night owl due to his job.   Mr. No was so happy there that he even enjoyed having his picture taken again. 

too much cuteness!

Although he quickly got annoyed, put on his angry face and stuck in right in my camera lens.  He's a fresh little thing.

We have a little friend called the Binky Fairy (introduced to me by the genius Mikay) who comes any time there is a big boy change in Mr. No's life.  She first came when it was time for the Binkies to go, of course.  And she came again when we stayed at Nana's.  Mr. No is a super snuggly, super clingy Mama's boy who co-slept for quite a while and then had issues transitioning to a big boy bed in his own room after the move.  He needed someone in there snuggling him until he fell asleep which took anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  Well, that ended at Nana's.  2 stories, hugs and kisses and to bed by himself.  Barely fussed about it and fell asleep within 10 to 15 minutes.  Why? because if he did it without a fuss, the Binky Fairy would come and bring him a present.  Here he is the morning after she came with the Pokemon toys she left for him.  He's been sleeping on his own ever since and still falls asleep within 15 minutes.

Learning time!  And H even helped out!

I love this one!

H is a coin collector, for now.  His hobbies change periodically.  Mr. No thinks it's awesome and loves to look at coins (which H doesn't want him to touch.) We call them treasure. ( And now I have ideas for a pirate birthday next year...)  So H gets him inexpensive foreign coins whenever he goes to the coin shop so Mr. No has his own.  H got a huge bag for him for only a few dollars at a new shop he found that week.  H did try to steal a token or two that were in there.  Mr. No was onto him though.

It's cool, right Daddy?  Don't take it!!!

How boys flash didn't fire so it ended up as a silhouette.

Learning games.  Mr. No and I played so many card games it was crazy.  And he loves them!  Richard Scarry's Car and Trucks game...teaches counting, number recognition, more and less and simple addition.  He wins every time.

3 letter word puzzles...he doesn't even realize it's a learning game.

 That's just the beginning of our week of Mr. No home activities.

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