Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Mr. No in the Snow

We really haven't gotten any snow this winter which is crazy for New England.  Of course, when we took our week vacation at my mom's what comes to visit?  Snow.  Every year when we stay at my mom's it snows.  Last year it was ridiculous amounts of snow.  This year, a few inches that is now gone and Mr. No didn't even get to play in it since he was a little sick-y.  So for this week's Flashback Friday, I dug out the photos of the first time Mr. No ever played in the snow.  He was 13 months old and so adorable and pudgy!!!

look at that cute little face!!!

tasting the snow and not certain what to make of it
figuring out that it's so much fun to throw
 I'm in no way hoping for snow but it would be nice to have a few inches in the yard so he can try out the nice hill that's perfect for sledding.

Flashback Friday

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  1. These are adorable! I feel the same way about snow. If I could get just a little on a Saturday so Jae could play in it, I'd be fine!