Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Another Day at Owen Bell Park

The weather here has been absolutely ridiculous this year.  We had a crazy freak snowstorm in October that dumped over a foot of snow on us and knocked our power out for 5 days and then we've had 50 degree days in December and absolutely no snow so far (though we're supposed to get some tonight).  Last week there was a nice crisp practically fall day, so we decided to take Mr. No out to Owen Bell Park to play.  He needed the fresh air, with this cold that won't let go of either one of us, and the exercise.  I could not believe the difference in Mr. No at the playground!  He used to be afraid of everything and tell us that it was all too hard.  Not any more!  Now we have a fearless monkey!  I love it.  This slide used to scare him. Now it's no big thing.

 Mr. No's baby came along to play.  It's funny the various reactions we get from other people when they see Mr. No with a doll.  Everything from snide under the breath comments to praise from other parents.  Toys are toys.  Period.  Adults are the ones who label them by gender not children so we don't either.  He wanted the baby, so he got the baby. 

Then he started tackling the climbing walls as if they were nothing special.  I think putting him in preschool a year early was the best decision ever.  He has confidence.  He approaches other kids.  He plays well with other kids.  He's not afraid to try.  I love this (almost) fearless Mr. No.

He needed a little help from H on this one but it was on the equipment for older kids.

These two are just me playing around.  

he refused to walk on it.  he just wanted to slide himself across it.
Anyone who knows H knows that he has to play, too.  The little zip line was too much fun for him.  

a little scared here...

Since H had so much fun, of course Mr. No wanted a turn...or 3.  H barely held onto him. It amazes me how much upper body strength little kids have!

I have never once seen Mr. No attempt to climb this or even go near this ladder before.  He jumped on it and climbed right up as if he'd been doing it for years.  I was so impressed with him!  I was also impressed with myself for not going into overprotective mom mode and instead just standing back and letting him do things on his own.  Have to pat myself on the back a little sometimes!

I usually don't let Mr. No go on these swings.  Mostly because I want him to learn how to swing by himself but also because I don't think he should be using it.  This one already had the safety straps damaged and removed (which is why kids who don't need them shouldn't play on them) so H put him on it.  He loved it because he didn't have to do any work at all, not even to stay on.  Lazy!

H was catching him and tickling him.  it looks so bizarre, though.
I decided to spare H the embarrassment of posting the photos with him pushing since his leg went up in the air every time.  He looked absolutely ridiculous.  Push and up goes the swing and up goes his leg.  Oh, H...  Here is one of him being his normal weird self on the climbing chain...thing?  He was just howling in admiration of himself. 

And we ended with Mr. No in the tube that he loves.  

We did stay a bit longer because H and Mr. No ran into a little girl and her mom that they had played with at the Ecotarium.  Mr. No didn't want to leave her but H had to get to work.  All in all, a fantastic afternoon as usual!

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