Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vacation at Nana's House, Part 2

I really wish I had a better memory so I could record all the hilarious things Mr. No says. He makes me laugh more than anyone I have every met. I do have have to get his excited face (and accompanying noise) on video. I can't allow myself to forget that. There is only one funny, sassmouth Noah conversation that I remember from our Nana trip and that's only because I had to share it on Facebook.

Mr. No was in the bathtub when H was at work. He started throwing toys out of the tub. After 3, please stop doing that, you're getting water all over Nana's bathroom comments, I got a little fed up.
Me: If you don't stop doing that, you will get out of the tub right now and do straight to bed!
Mr. No: I've had it! I just love you and you do nothing but treat me like crap!
And I just laughed. I always slightly worry when I laugh at these things he says because he is typically truly mad when he says them. Luckily, he just laughed as well and said, I was really funny, wasn't I? Funny, fresh, it's all the same. Just to note, he gets that phrase from H. Any time you pick on H for anything, he says "all I do is love and cherish you and you treat me like nothing but crap". Nice example, H!

We actually got a little snow that weekend but Mr. No ended up with a slight fever and couldn't even get out to enjoy it. So, in true resourceful Mom style, I brought the snow in to him. He was beyond thrilled and we made a snowman Elmo, completely his idea.

Since we love to test out new things, we tried a salt based doodle paint (from Delaware County Moms) that I wish we had squeeze bottles for and shaving cream paint (from Mom Endeavors). I do love Pinterest! Mr. No was more than happy to do his own thing with them even though we didn't have the squeeze bottles. Actually, I like the gritty texture of the just painted on doodle paint more. We will definitely make them again!

his painting for me...need to get a photo of it dry

Two Dragons. His painting for Nana and Papa.
Mr. No spent the better part of one morning taking pictures with his camera and playing with his robot bugs before we started our lessons for the day. He loves his kids cameras but we're all disappointed by the ridiculously horrible quality of the photos. Makes him sad when the pictures are blurry (because he didn't stand perfectly, absolutely still).

he wanted a photo with his little friends

frogs and ducks helping him search for the letter P

To round of the morning, we played a round of the caterpillar game he got for Christmas and then let him rest with a movie since he still wasn't feeling 100%. You do need to watch him like a hawk when you play games with him. He'll toss the dice across the room so he can switch the color (or number, depending on the game), roll or spin behind his back or try to distract you so he can cheat. He's too smart and too fresh.

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