Sunday, January 15, 2012

Roger Williams Zoo Pt. 1

We truly lucked out this week.  I had a Wednesday off, the weather was fairly decent and the zoo was half priced!  Since the ice, snow and cold came the following morning, I'm so glad we were able to get out and enjoy the day!  Mr. No had been begging to see some animals and really wanted to go to the Franklin Park Zoo to see the gorillas but since we could all get into RWZ for the price of 1 adult admission to the other, our frugal nature won out.  Happily Mr. No was so excited to see animals, he didn't care. 

First stop was the zebras.  Mr. No thought it was hilarious that they were in the same habitat as the wildebeast.  H thought it was horrible that they put the wild dogs right next to them since they are the wild dogs' prey.

I know the colors are a little blue but I liked the way it looked.

I was actually able to get a lot of pictures of Mr. No.  He's so anti-photos right now it's tricky.  He was in such a good mood that he allowed it and even, at times, encouraged it.

I don't even remember what they were looking up at but it wasn't whatever animal was in the habitat

watching the African Wild Dogs

Mr. No loved the West African Crowned Crane, especially with the little folklore story posted there.  H asked if they really had gold crowns that were turned to feathers.  I'm still not certain if he was joking when he asked that...

The harbor seals were a bigger hit with me and H than they were with Mr. No.  Part of it was that he really wanted to see the elephants. He looked for a moment and then wanted to move on.

seal in my reflection
I do have to admit that I got a little crabby in the elephant and giraffe house.  Mr. No wanted nothing more than to get a photo standing near the elephant.  It didn't happen.  The elephant was right at the ropes.  Mr. No was willing.  The two "photographers" wouldn't move so that Mr. No could get his photo.  I'm so sorry that you might miss your perfect shot, but if you're at a zoo or other place that excited children might want a photo, have the decency to move out of the way when asked.  Don't pretend you didn't hear people ask you.  Thank you selfish "photographers" for disappointing a 4 year old.  It's not as if the elephant was only there for a minute.  I'm talking about 15 minutes and refusing to move until the elephants were gone.  Sorry, rant over.

see how close!  I only got a few shots from afar before the view was blocked

Mr. No actually asked me to take this photo. Unfortunately it's not that great since I was still fuming and not really paying attention.  He doesn't care and thinks it's great so I guess that's all that matters

We met a wonderful zoo employee over by the flamingos.  She told Mr. No all about them and what they eat. He's most interested in what animals eat which is pretty funny considering he can't be bothered to eat most of the time.  He thought it was so cool that they eat shrimp just like he does and that's the reason why they're pink.

I didn't get a good shot of Mr. No's favorite animal, the giant anteater.  That was the one he was the most excited to see.  Luckily we have a good one from a previous trip for the animal book we're going to make.  H loved the tropical house, especially the sloth.  The birds and sloth are free roaming in there.  The sloth was so close to use you could practically touch it!  Mr. No was excited and nervous.  H was beyond thrilled.

This was for H since he wanted a photo of his cute face so badly!

This bird was so lucky to be up in the tree.  Mr. No was sneaking around trying to touch any bird that landed on the ground.  I wasn't to concerned since they weren't going to let him anywhere near them.  They tolerated him and kept a safe distance without flying away.  At least he wasn't trying to chase them down like he did to that poor chicken when we went here last year!

I love this little face!

I truly took way too many photos that day.  Part 2 will have about 8 or 9 of Mr. No being silly.  I had to take advantage of his willingness to have his picture taken and I promised him I'd post them.  This was my first time using a telephoto lens that I borrowed from my sister.  It was a pain switching lenses to get some photos of Mr. No but I loved being able to get close ups of the animals' faces!  I'm going to have to borrow it again sometime!

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