Sunday, May 27, 2012

Simple Things Sunday: Monster Hunting

Mr. No and I had a mama-son playdate all day on Friday and I have to say that playing like a 4 year old is exhausting!  I needed a nap in the middle of the day!  We used the laundry basket as a boat and went deep sea diving.  We played with pirates and super heroes.  We painted.  We colored.  Most of the day, though, was spent monster hunting.  Monster hunting is difficult and dangerous work!  Mr. No had me take photos so we would know if our traps worked or not. He was very excited that I was sharing his monster hunting adventure so there are more photos than I would have liked to post.  He says he has all sorts of tips for monster hunting that everyone should know.  I agreed to share.

Mr. No's tips for monster hunting...

Tip 1.  Draw up a plan

we drew this one together.  monster was all Mr. No
 For this plan we used a basket trap, food bait and chased him with a sword.  The monster got out.  Our subsequent plans included electric nets (a blue dog blankie), zapping weapons to freeze them (tag jr. reader), rare monster catching book with pictures (photo album) and Mr. No the scientist's special potion (in his canteen) for removing the evil from monsters and making them your friend for life.

 Tip 2. If your first plan doesn't work, don't worry!  You can always look up others on the internet.

Tip 3. Know what type of monster you are trying to catch and change your plan accordingly

Fire breathing monster
Tip 4. Fire monsters get a little nasty when you douse them with water!  Be prepared to be attacked.

pouring water on the monster

monster attack!  don't be fooled by his small size.  He was vicious!
Tip 5.  A net always comes in handy.

Tip 6.  Don't be afraid to call for back up.

hunting with his equipment..."electric net"  and "monster book"

Tip 7.  Always have someone guard your monster jail.  Aliens and sea creatures are perfect for this line of work.

So there are the famous Monster Hunter Mr. No's tips for monster catching. Well his most important ones.  He could write a 5 part series on monster hunting.  If you can't create your own special monster potion,  I may be able to persuade him to share his secret formula.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Flashback Friday: Kaleidoscope

Another one of the photos I have on my wall as an 8x10 canvas.  Mr. No and H sharing a daddy-son moment in front of the awesome giant kaleidoscope at one of the Children's Museums.  I love how baby No looks like he's explaining how it works to a very interested H.

Flashback Friday

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Simple Things Sunday: Purgatory Chasm

About 10 minute from our home, there is a gorgeous, free and somewhat dangerous place to explore called Purgatory Chasm.  It is a little nerve racking for a mom to watch her little one climb down large boulders but it's great for building his confidence.  Mr. No is incredibly proud when he makes it over the rocks "just like the big kids"!

H helping Mr. No down a dangerous part

H refused to smile or sit still, so this was the best I got

so excited that he climbed down all those rocks (mostly) by himself!
even I smiled for a photo with the cuteness

evil monster No shooting powers at superhero H
last climb to the parking area

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flashback Friday: Mystic Aquarium

Since I (finally!) posted our Mystic Aquarium photos, I thought I'd dig up the photos from the first time Mr. No ever went to that aquarium.  It was with Auntie and Uncle again that time and he was 7 month old toothless peanut.  He loved it!  Except for the part where the scary fish scared him and made him cry...

Mr. No and mommy
 See how excited he was by the penguins!

cutie blues eyes in H's hat
 The iguana and Mr. No loved each other!  He could have sat there all day by that guy and been thrilled.  The iguana was mugging for the camera here but spent most of the time watching Mr. No.

And here's the guy who scared poor baby No.  He slid up from the black part on the bottom right in from of Mr. No's chubby baby face. Made the poor baby jump and actually cry.  I don't really blame him...

Flashback Friday

Mystic Aquarium

About 2 weeks ago, Auntie and Uncle took us to the Mystic Aquarium since Mr. No loves all animals and he had recently been to both the zoo and Davis Farmland.  H and I never bring him there because the cost is outrageous, even with the library pass discount, so he was super excited.  We stopped first to have a bite to eat along the ocean and Mr. No could barely wait to get to the fishies! It was a long drive for a little guy, especially with stopped to pick up Uncle's mom along the way, and he was ready to explode by the time we got there. There were so many photos this time that I did cram a few into one super quick and sad photo collage to fit them all in.

pointing out froggies with Uncle and his mom

 Poor Mr. No wanted so badly to touch a shark!  No matter where he went around the touch tank, the sharks would decide that another area was the best place to be. 

trying to pet a shark with Uncle's mom

trying again with Uncle

 Then he found touch tank number 2...and we couldn't get him away from it.  Spider crabs, shells, starfish to touch!  It was a little boys dream!  He literally spent about 30 minutes there.

and the rare photo of Mr. No and Mama!

Mr. No returned to the shark touch tank for one more try...  

YES!  He got to pet the shark!

After finally being able to touch the shark, he didn't want to leave that tank either. Then we told him there was a 3rd touch tank with rays in it and he practically ran from this tank.  Of course we get there right as the rays were on break...they let them rest every so often.  So we went to visit the penguins we missed who did not want to be outside that day apparently. 

pretending to be a penguin

Then finally it was time for touch tank number 3, gift shop and home.  Super day for Mr. no!