Friday, May 18, 2012

Flashback Friday: Mystic Aquarium

Since I (finally!) posted our Mystic Aquarium photos, I thought I'd dig up the photos from the first time Mr. No ever went to that aquarium.  It was with Auntie and Uncle again that time and he was 7 month old toothless peanut.  He loved it!  Except for the part where the scary fish scared him and made him cry...

Mr. No and mommy
 See how excited he was by the penguins!

cutie blues eyes in H's hat
 The iguana and Mr. No loved each other!  He could have sat there all day by that guy and been thrilled.  The iguana was mugging for the camera here but spent most of the time watching Mr. No.

And here's the guy who scared poor baby No.  He slid up from the black part on the bottom right in from of Mr. No's chubby baby face. Made the poor baby jump and actually cry.  I don't really blame him...

Flashback Friday


  1. What a cutie pie.. Love that sting ray photo.. very classy!! See you next week mate!!

  2. Looks like he enjoyed it! The sting ray photo is so cool-I can see why it was scary!