Sunday, May 27, 2012

Simple Things Sunday: Monster Hunting

Mr. No and I had a mama-son playdate all day on Friday and I have to say that playing like a 4 year old is exhausting!  I needed a nap in the middle of the day!  We used the laundry basket as a boat and went deep sea diving.  We played with pirates and super heroes.  We painted.  We colored.  Most of the day, though, was spent monster hunting.  Monster hunting is difficult and dangerous work!  Mr. No had me take photos so we would know if our traps worked or not. He was very excited that I was sharing his monster hunting adventure so there are more photos than I would have liked to post.  He says he has all sorts of tips for monster hunting that everyone should know.  I agreed to share.

Mr. No's tips for monster hunting...

Tip 1.  Draw up a plan

we drew this one together.  monster was all Mr. No
 For this plan we used a basket trap, food bait and chased him with a sword.  The monster got out.  Our subsequent plans included electric nets (a blue dog blankie), zapping weapons to freeze them (tag jr. reader), rare monster catching book with pictures (photo album) and Mr. No the scientist's special potion (in his canteen) for removing the evil from monsters and making them your friend for life.

 Tip 2. If your first plan doesn't work, don't worry!  You can always look up others on the internet.

Tip 3. Know what type of monster you are trying to catch and change your plan accordingly

Fire breathing monster
Tip 4. Fire monsters get a little nasty when you douse them with water!  Be prepared to be attacked.

pouring water on the monster

monster attack!  don't be fooled by his small size.  He was vicious!
Tip 5.  A net always comes in handy.

Tip 6.  Don't be afraid to call for back up.

hunting with his equipment..."electric net"  and "monster book"

Tip 7.  Always have someone guard your monster jail.  Aliens and sea creatures are perfect for this line of work.

So there are the famous Monster Hunter Mr. No's tips for monster catching. Well his most important ones.  He could write a 5 part series on monster hunting.  If you can't create your own special monster potion,  I may be able to persuade him to share his secret formula.


  1. LOL! This really made me laugh and I love a boy's imagination :-) Great shot - he'll treasure those one day! :-)

  2. He's a creative little guy! I agree that this play as an adult is exhausting! :)

  3. This was wonderful! I bet you were exhausted, but smiling!