Friday, May 18, 2012

Mystic Aquarium

About 2 weeks ago, Auntie and Uncle took us to the Mystic Aquarium since Mr. No loves all animals and he had recently been to both the zoo and Davis Farmland.  H and I never bring him there because the cost is outrageous, even with the library pass discount, so he was super excited.  We stopped first to have a bite to eat along the ocean and Mr. No could barely wait to get to the fishies! It was a long drive for a little guy, especially with stopped to pick up Uncle's mom along the way, and he was ready to explode by the time we got there. There were so many photos this time that I did cram a few into one super quick and sad photo collage to fit them all in.

pointing out froggies with Uncle and his mom

 Poor Mr. No wanted so badly to touch a shark!  No matter where he went around the touch tank, the sharks would decide that another area was the best place to be. 

trying to pet a shark with Uncle's mom

trying again with Uncle

 Then he found touch tank number 2...and we couldn't get him away from it.  Spider crabs, shells, starfish to touch!  It was a little boys dream!  He literally spent about 30 minutes there.

and the rare photo of Mr. No and Mama!

Mr. No returned to the shark touch tank for one more try...  

YES!  He got to pet the shark!

After finally being able to touch the shark, he didn't want to leave that tank either. Then we told him there was a 3rd touch tank with rays in it and he practically ran from this tank.  Of course we get there right as the rays were on break...they let them rest every so often.  So we went to visit the penguins we missed who did not want to be outside that day apparently. 

pretending to be a penguin

Then finally it was time for touch tank number 3, gift shop and home.  Super day for Mr. no!


  1. Look how grown up he is here.. So sweet!! Looks like a marvelous day!!

  2. Wow these are some spectacular pictures, especially that of the penguin! I visit Mystic about once a month and this month will be my first trip with my new nice camera, I hoping Juno (the one with the green ribbon^^) Will be interested in any of my toys that I'll bring with me! Normally he is though :D Looks like you had a lot of fun, and Mystic is a great place to visit, that's for sure!