Thursday, March 1, 2012

A little time with Mr. No

I got to take the week off (unfortunately not the weekend) and spend time just me and Mr. No. H had to do 12 hour week day shifts instead of his weekend nights so I had to take time off to take care of the little man.  I realized how much I missed spending time all that alone time with him.  We were a little more low key than usual since he was getting over a nasty cold but still managed to have some adventures.  We managed to get locked out of the car at Target and had to call AAA.  We played dinosaurs and he told me he would fire me if I didn't build the tower high enough. We did crafts, played games that he, of course, tried to cheat at though he did kick butt at Guess Who?.  Read lots of Bad Kitty books and he pretended to be Bad Kitty and pounce all over me.  But his favorite day was Wednesday when we made play-doh creations...

trying to decide what to make
I have an idea!
Mr. No's bird

our creations

and then we bundled up and went out to play in the only real snowstorm of the winter.  He really wanted to spray the snow with his squirt gun and add a little color to it.  Of course, he wanted red since it is his favorite color.  It looked like there was a massacre on our front lawn. Seriously.  Good thing it was still snowing so it was covered up or the mailman would have been calling the police.

plotting against me...
 Then he decided that a snow ball fight was even more fun than shooting the snow. 

Then it was time for  refill with blue this time since it would be a little less disturbing for me to see.

After another snowball assault (the camera spent most of the time inside) and some snow angels, Mr. No decided to build a snowman which turned into a snowmonster.  Snowman are too dull for Mr. No.


posing with his creation that you can barely see between the falling snow and the background

evil monster laugh


looking innocent but he's really plotting
Then after all the time spent creating the snowmonster, he had to be vanquished!  Mr. No launched full speed into it and pounced on top of it!  Apparently the only way to truly kill a snowmonster is to lick it to death.  Ew.

By this time the snow was really flying and we we cold and tired, so it was time to go in.  Mr. No is not one to refuse a challenge and I guess the wood pile was challenging him to the top. 

The wood pile won that challenge and we went inside and had a nice popsicle.  Hot cocoa is for wusses!  Real kids eat popsicles after freezing their bums off outside!  Mr. No is definitely one unique kid!

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