Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Photo Canvas

I'm definitely on a home decorating kick.  Mr. No's room and play room will be coming up next...if I ever finish our room!  More favorite photos found homes this week.  I found this great idea from The Sassy Pepper on Pinterest weeks ago and finally got around to making them myself.  Photo canvases are so crazy expensive and I wasn't about to spend a minimum of $450 on them for our bedroom.  This idea was so simple and I love how they turned out.  And all with the help of my lovely friend:

I made 8x10 canvases. I had the photos printed out at mpix for better quality photos and found cheap bulk canvases at Michael's. $20 for 10 which is a great deal.  I'm not sure I'd paint on them but they're great for this project.

and there's baby Mr. No!
Here's a close up of the paint and how the mod podge gives it a bit of texture.

I did change a couple things: I applied the picture first. I did apply mod podge to the canvas, let it dry and then mod podged the back of the photo and applied it to the dried canvas as in the original post.  I do not scrapbook so the only scrapbook paper I had around was little boy print for Mr. No's arts and crafts.  I did, however, have tons of fabric.  So I cut long strips of fabric, long enough to go around the entire outside in one strip, mod podged them to stick them down, stapled them down with an ordinary stapler, and then mod podged the top of fabric strips instead.  They're nice and stiff and pretty.  I gave the photo a top coat of mod podge when I did the sides.  When it was all dry, I dabbed the black paint around to hide the slight space between the photo and the fabric.

And here is our photo canvas wall...I'm thinking of adding a row of 5x7s underneath.

It's on the same wall as our foam board photo collage. I'm starting to love this wall!

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