Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pinterest is becoming my obsession...

Even though this is supposed to be all about Mr. No, I'm sidetracking today to discuss my obsession (addiction?) to Pinterest. I just can't get enough of it and will probably need a support group soon.  Seriously. It's just that now, instead of having 18,000 folders with 18,000,000 bookmarks saved in my browser, I have a happy little place to save all those interesting crafts, yummy dishes, photography tips, etc.  I'm currently using it for a real purpose! To find ideas to cover our pathetically bare walls in our newly rearranged rooms.  I hate bare walls!  They make me all sad and mopey.  I love photos and paintings and sketches.  Since we're sharing space, we're limited to expressing ourselves in our bedrooms and the play room.  Sad indeed.  So the walls will be crammed with us! Pinterest, here I come!

This is my first completed wall project from an idea found on Pinterest!  Wall Photo Collage from Bits Of Everything! And it was so simple! A little time consuming but simple. I did alter it a little. I used the black foam boards...did not get a before the work all began photo, though.

thin, light and easy to hang!

but I did not use the double sided tape to stick the photos down. I used my new best friend,instead to adhere them and to seal them.

I love Mod Podge!

The time consuming part was choosing (spent way too long choosing!) and then cutting the 48 photos to display from the stacks I had which, unfortunately, barely contained anything recent.

one of many stacks of 4x6s
Thankfully I had a paper cutter!  Yes some of the photos are not 4x4 squares.  A few didn't look right if I cut them that size (especially the one of my grandparents with baby No) so I cheated a little.  It's on display in my room for me so who cares, right?  Here is the finished product, my Mr. No filled wall collages (see it's still all about Mr. No)!

Now on to the next 3 projects for my room!  At least, they'll keep me off of Pinterest...until I search for ideas for Mr. No's room!

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