Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mr. No has Hermit Crabs!

We are now a 4 cat, 1 crazy dog and 3 hermit crab house!  Mr. No has been dying for his own pet.  He really, really wants his own kitten but that isn't going to happen.  Mr. No got one of those plastic hermit crab toys and somehow he and H got it into their heads that it would be an awesome idea to get hermit crabs.  One more thing for me to take care of but at least they're fairly low maintenance so we got 3.  Apparently, hermit crabs do not like to actually be hermits and miserable without company.  Who names these things?  Our 3 are still getting acclimated to their new environment but are surprisingly friendly and gentle.  Since they are Mr. No's pets, he got to name them of course! So here are 2 of our 3 new buddies...

First is...Orange!  who was super friendly until he was ignored for a day by H while Mr. No was at Nana's and I was at work and now he's hiding in a crab shack all the time.  Boo!

Orange heading off to explore.

Second is...Crazy Man!  who was super shy but now is the friendliest one.  He'd rather but out of the habitat with us than in it.

Crazy Man loves to climb over puzzle pieces!

Last is the elusive Noah.  We got him a few days after the other 2.  He was visible for a day when we moved them all into a bigger habitat but has been buried in the sand ever since.  I will get his picture someday!

As for Mr. No, he switches between being super excited about them to not even caring that they exist.  typical 4 year old behavior.  I think they're pretty cool. H doesn't like them even though they were his idea. He's the hermit crab! He won't even hold one.  Mr. No and I will though.  Gladly!  Here's a little iphone proof :)

Mr. No and Crazy Man

Mr. No and Orange
And I finally got my new computer!!!  Still setting things up but YAY to not having to share any more! 

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