Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hodges Village Dam

This week is another week of me and Mr. No all on our own.  Surprisingly, we're keeping busy even with a Mama who hates to drive.  Last week, with H around, we finally traveled the 10 minutes down the road to Hodges Village Dam.  It was an awesome place for little kids to roam with wide paths and lots to look at.  It was around 1pm and the sun was bright and hot so we didn't stay too long but we did meet a few dogs and their people.  Just wish a few more of them would have obeyed the scoop your poop signs.  Ick.

he loves to stick his face right in the camera lens!


throwing rocks even though he was told 50 times not to

Daddy's little clone


he can even walk away sassy

drawing pictures in the dirt...see our little friend in the background?

checking his hands because H told him he was going to get splinters

we'll definitely go back...just during a cooler part of the day.  Mr. No and I could even travel that distance alone.

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