Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fancy Dancy Lunches

i just realized tonight that I haven't taken any photos this week.  My camera and I are not on good terms right now. Completely my fault, of course, so it's been waiting patiently on the shelf for me to get over myself and fix whatever issues I've been having lately.  It did get to come out and play only once and that was just to snap a quick pic (or 3) of one of Mr. No's fancy lunches this week.  I had to resort to fancy lunches about a year ago when Mr. No decided that food was not necessary for survival...even pb&j and mac-a-cheese was ignored.  I disagreed and, after fighting, begging and even bribing (to no avail), I found the idea to make whatever meals I could cute.  He now realizes that food is important and there are fewer struggles but he still likes his lunches to be "fancy dancy", which are his words not mine.   So this week we had a little animal parade on a plate for lunch.

 Just a simple pb&j with cheese animals, grape and grape tomato stones and jellybeans but he was so happy. 

 And of course he went for the jellybeans first...

I need to attempt to get my camera out this week.  Maybe something good will come out of it but, looking at what I've been taking lately, I'm not holding my breath.

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