Monday, April 9, 2012

Simple Things Sunday

Even with the fun and craziness of Easter, my favorite memory this week was taking photos with Mr. No at the zoo.  My little shutterbug snapped over 300 photos!  Most of them were in the car since once we got to the zoo he was too excited to remember to take pictures.  So here's Mr. No snapping some pictures of the bear:

 one of his photos of the bear:

and one other photo of his from the day:


  1. how fun! i got my daughter a vtech camera. the photo quality is poor, but i've heard her say things like "oh rats, not enough light here". she's more willing to pose for me now. i'll have to get her a cheap point and shoot soon. glad you guys had fun at the zoo.

  2. what a cutie!! I think his camera is better than mine :)