Friday, April 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Davis Farmland

We are lucky enough to have a super cute little farmland near us where little kids can feed and pet farm animals.  We're also lucky enough that weekdays are half price after 2 pm. So this week we decided to head there after Mr. No got out of school.  Such cute baby animals!  So I decided to flashback this week to Mr. No's first Davis Farmland trip (with me anyway).  He was only an 18 month old little peanut!

too scared to feed the little goats with Nana

he even got to meet and take a photo with Elmo!

Nana and Mr. No petting the sweet donkey

and of course, his favorite part was the water area

Flashback Friday


  1. A giant elmo how cute! Visiting from Flashback Friday. Great photos.

  2. So fun! we have a similar place by us, we're thinking about stopping by tomorrow for Jae's birthday if the rain holds off.