Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simple Things Sunday/Davis Farmland

The highlight of Mr. No's week was a trip to the finally open for the season Davis Farmland.  Mr. No gets to leisurely walk around petting and feeding farm animals and, when he tires of that, they have a bouncy house and a play area.  I have to admit that I love seeing the baby animals probably more than he does.  The baby chicks are my favorite!  He loves the baby goats. I was going to do 2 separate posts but I don't have the time so there are a lot of photos this week. I have to start doing collages...

the calves love to suck on your clothes..No thought it was hilarious

petting the one day old baby goat!

Mr. No got to collect chicken eggs for the first time ever.  Here he was questioning why he could only collect 2 eggs and tried to negotiate one more.

they get a little crazy when they see that purple cup!

how cute the baby emu?!?

tractor rides!


  1. Very cute pictures! Looks like fun :)

  2. Oh that baby goat is way too sweet! These are all great captures.

  3. Looks like a fun trip. I love the composting of your photos! I love following mommy bloggers that have beautiful photos.