Sunday, June 5, 2011

Owen Bell Park

This Friday it was just too beautiful stay home.  We didn't travel far.  Just over to CT to Owen Bell Park for a little outdoor fun.  I love Owen Bell Park.  There's a skate park for older kids so they don't seem to destroy the playground for the little ones.  The playground is fairly big and is an all abilities playground.  There are restrooms, baseball fields, covered picnic tables, track to walk on, duck pond and ice cream.  Mr. No loves it there and is finally gathering up the courage to actually play again.  Looks like he's finally getting over his fear of everything!  Yay!  Here's just a few pics of our family fun afternoon. We hit the playground first and then H wanted to stop for an ice cream.  He's the only one who got one and promptly dropped it on the ground.  No we aren't the most coordinated family.  Then Mr. No and I started tossing the mini-football around.  Yes I was playing and taking photos. Probably not the best idea since H hit me square in the forehead with the football because I wasn't paying attention.  Though I think he meant to hit me just not in the face.  He finds that kind of thing hilarious.  Then, of course, Mr. No had to try to hit me with it because H did.  Nice example Dad!

Mr. No tossing the football to me

Then we broke out the bubbles.  It was another ridiculously windy day so Mr. No had a little trouble blowing the bubbles.  He kept trying to blow then towards the wind so Dad had to take over.  But it's much more fun to chase them anyway.

I love this one!
This really does capture the essence of Mr. No
Blowing bubbles together.

Maybe I never really looked closely at geese before but I realized that they actually have the cutest little faces!  We saved a little of our snack for them and H and Mr. No had a blast feeding them.I'm not sure who enjoyed it more!

Such a cute face!

Simple and not too exciting but sometime it's nice to remember that the simplest afternoons can also be the most enjoyable.

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