Thursday, June 2, 2011

Halibut Point Reservation

We headed out today to enjoy a beautiful but windy spring day.  I have to admit I did have pangs of guilt enjoying myself with so many people affected by the devastating tornadoes yesterday.  But I have an active and 3 year old who knew nothing of what happened and I'd like to keep it that way since Mr. No already has a fear of the wind blowing him and everything he owns away.  I don't know how many times I had to assure him today that nothing was going to blow away in the wind.  As soon as we got out of the car at Halibut Point Reservation in Rockport, MA, he started panicking about Daddy's hat blowing away.  He insisted that Daddy leave his hat in the car.  Now I do have to admit that this is not an irrational fear.  He has witnessed Daddy's hat blowing away twice in his life.  Once it blew off and out over the Quabbin Reservoir...gone before we could even think to reach for it. Another time, the car acted like a wind tunnel and ripped it right off H's head while he was driving and sucked out the window.  Mr. No thought it was hilarious at the time.  Not so much now.  Oh well.  I still find it amusing.

Once Mr. No's wind worries were calmed, we finally headed toward the Reservation.  This was just a place I happened to find online at the Trustees of Reservations so we had no idea what t expect.  I have to say the last Trustees place we went to (Coolidge Reservation) exceed my expectations so I hoped this would be at least half that amazing.  It took Mr. No all of 5 seconds to forget about the wind once we hit the path.  He found a stick (he cannot walk without a stick) and was off and running.

Of course, our first stop after an almost 2 hour drive was the restroom.  Nature walk with a restroom is a plus for any place and a must have for us! That the restrooms were in this building made it amazing!  Still in pull-ups Mr. No was even excited enough to use the restroom! 

Mr. No was ready to go after that! He barely stopped for a cookie before we wandered over to the Quarry. I have to say that none of us were expecting this view when we reach the edge.

 See him holding on to both his stick and Daddy's hat!

Absolutely Beautiful! Seriously the best $2 (on day parking pass) we've ever spent! Though I have to admit that this was one of those times that I was thrilled to have a cautious kid.  This is not a place to take little ones who don't listen.  Mr. No was very nervous anywhere near the edge which was fine with me.  He did stop for a couple photos.  Please note the stick still in his hand.

Mr. No loved playing on this rock which was about 10 feet or less from the edge of the Quarry.  I wouldn't let him get any closer than that.  I'm trusting but not insane.  Then H found a little caterpillar and Mr. No was in love.  It was his little friend and he wanted to take it with him.  It was hard to convince him to leave it behind but there was ocean to see.  This place was little boys dream!  Caterpillars.Sticks.  Birds. Quarry rocks to play with and stack.  The ocean.  Snails and mussels.  And we only walked a small portion of it.

 This was before Mr. No accidentally made the side crumble.  Oops!


Mussels in a little tidal pool on the rocks.

If the sky didn't darken and the windy become vicious, we would have stayed longer.  The chill was too much for Mr. No.  He got a piggyback ride most of the way back to the car from me.  He only got down because he lost his stick and you know you can't walk without a stick. When we reached the car he told us, "That place was crazy!  There were caterpillars, snails and all kinds of animals there! How many animals can be here? So many animals!  This place is amazing!". I definitely agree Mr. No!

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