Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beginnings, Little Ones and Sheep

Since today is the beginning of another year of my life (Happy Birthday Me!), I decided to do a little more to document the quickly passing years of Mr. No's.  We tend to take him on so many outings and take so many pictures but they really only say so much about the day.  I can get him to smile for a photo, okay I barely ever can, but that doesn't mean he enjoyed a place or was bored out of his mind.  He's crazy, hilarious and, at times, crabtastic and I want to remember all those moments and honestly, everyone who knows me knows that my memory is ridiculously horrible.  For example, today on the MassPike, H gives me the toll ticket.  I had it in my hand and then decided to put it in a "safe" place so I wouldn't lose it. Of course I promptly forgot where I put it and spent 5 frantic minutes searching for a ticket that was right in front of me.  And no, this was not the first time that this happened so I have no idea why H continually gives me the ticket. I think he loves to see me in embarrassed panic mode. Anyway, this will be about Mr. No and all of our adventures together so I can remember all the fun and silliness and share it with friends and family. Plus I won't have to flood my facebook page with Mr. No photos.

Today's adventure, before the frightening threat of tornadoes, was to Drumlin Farm and ice cream with Auntie S and Mr. No's best bud Noodle. Just have to say that I Love the MassAudubon membership!  So many wonderful nature walks that I never would have known about! Mr. No loves Drumlin but he loves almost anything with animals and absolutely anything that involves Noodle.  It took all of 5 seconds, after very thoughtful but equally melty birthday mini cupcakes, for the 2 to be off and running.

The foxes were first on the agenda. There was a debate over seeing the chickens first but the foxes ultimately won. By the foxes, there was a stage with 3 log benches in front of it.  Noodle had the wonderful idea that they should put on a little show.  She insisted on waiting until her audience of 3 was seated before they began.  Mr. No was reluctant at first and had his famous sass face on while Noodle began singing and dancing.

After a minute he started getting into performing and was prancing around a bit.

Then the audience started gathering.  A school group sat down with us to watch the performance.  I was already laughing at this point.  I think the little group of kids, who were laughing along with us and very nice, were too much for Mr. No.  He just went to the center of the stage and covered his ears.  I have no idea why. All the while, Noodle was adorably singing her little heart out. And I was laughing so hard I was crying.  The kids really were nice and they even clapped when the performance was over. Mr. No just couldn't take the pressure I guess...

Luckily, the performance was almost over.  He got even sillier, waving his hands by his ear and making faces.  These 2 together are just hilarious.  I can't wait to see the video!  The rest of the day paled in comparison.  Though Mr. No loved the piggies and cows and I loved the sheep. I even coaxed a smile out of him!

Only complaint is that it was insanely hot today and even hotter in those barns! The poor animals and the poor Nos!  They both ended up being too hot to walk and got shoulder rides to the car.  

Then it was wonderful cool down ice cream time!  I seriously think I have the only kid on the planet who couldn't care less about dessert!  He'll pick the chickpeas out and munch them while making chickpea balls but only eats about 3 bites of ice cream (or cake or almost anything) and is done with it.  He did eat about 5 bites of his dinosaur tracks ice cream but didn't even have a melty cupcake earlier.  Noodle thoroughly enjoyed her soft serve however as little ones should! They are fierce friends though which they demonstrated for everyone with a hug as we were leaving that literally knocked them off their feet. Very fun, very cute day for Mr. No!

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