Friday, June 24, 2011

Indoor Insect Hunt

I'm so sick of the rain...or rather mist we've been getting!  At least with rain you can puddle jump.  It's chilly-ish, misty and miserable and we haven't been able to go anywhere fun!  We were supposed to meet Auntie S and Noodle for some fun playtime at a playplace yesterday but then ended up being closed for renovations.  The Nos did get to meet up, snack on cupcakes and play in Barnes and Noble but it's not quite the same.  And I wonder if poor Auntie S has a voice left after the 20 or so books she read them? We weren't those annoying people who stay all day to read and then go home empty-handed.  We both bought books for the kids.  I did manage to have another one of my embarrassing forgetful moments there.  I took Mr. No to the restroom with me (no I didn't forget Mr. No!) and gave him my cell phone to play on while it was my turn.  He has a nasty little habit of opening up the stall door when you're just lifting your bum off the seat.  (Sorry but I'm a mommy so I'm allowed to talk potty!)  So I gave him my phone to keep him occupied and me decent. Well a few minutes later H gets a call on his phone from my phone except I didn't have my phone.  A very nice mommy found my phone on the bathroom counter, called H to inform someone she had it and returned it to us. The saddest part is that I can't even remember if I was Mr. No who left it on the counter or if I did, and I have the sneaking suspicion that it was me. Sigh.  Am I really the only mommy who's this forgetful? 

So this week I've been working on the letter I with Mr. No.  We did letter I crafts this week and today I figured we needed a fun activity. I was hoping to do this outside but the weather is not my friend today.   So we did I is for Indoors Insect Hunt.  Mr. No loves the hunting games.  We had a butterfly hunt for B and hide eggs before Easter for E.  Don't tell him but I think we'll do  a jungle hunt for J!

he has his net out and the hunt begins!
finding his first insects

Of course once was not enough!  So on to the 2nd insect hunt...

After he found them twice he had to hide them for me twice.  Now Mr. No peeks a little while I hide them so it's a good thing he can't see most of the play area from my chair.  I don't need to peek when he hides them because he gets so excited that he ends up telling me where to look.  Though once in a while he will send me in the wrong direction and then laugh hysterically.  I'd say our indoor insect hunt was a success.

all of our insects snug in their net

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