Thursday, June 9, 2011

Providence Children's Museum

Originally we intended to go to the beach today since temperatures were in the 90s but someone didn't have enough sunscreen on during her walk on the beach yesterday and got a little sunburn. Add to that the fact that H didn't get up until 11 am and it just wasn't a good idea today.  So we asked Mr. No what he wanted to do today and he decided he wanted to play at a kid's museum even though he just went to one yesterday.  Since we have that great museum pass thanks to my mom, we decided to take him to the Providence Children's Museum. Both Mr. No and I fell asleep on the ride down which meant a cheerful  Mr. No and a groggy Mama...and a not so thrilled H who had to drive with everyone else blissfully asleep. Mr. No was ready to go as soon as we got in the door and headed straight for the water tables.

Only a little excited by the water tables...

H loves to play as much as Mr. No!
Usually he's not too excited by the giant lite brite even though I love it, but this time he was all about it.  He wanted to put all the pegs in and make a city but for some reason only wanted me to help him and didn't want H to even touch the pegs.  Just a Mr. No thing, I guess.


Our "city"
He played in every room of the children's museum.  We did have a little issue in the room with the ship.  Mr. No has taken to having little panic fits over things he's not even afraid of and has done a million times before.  So for about 10 minutes we looked like the horrible mean parents because we refused to take him off the ship and made him climb down the ladder on him own.  I hate to seem mean but we used to give in and take him off of ships/slides/jungle gyms, etc. and all it did was make it worse. So if I seem like the horrible mom for a few minutes to complete strangers, I can deal with that. He pitched a fit, eventually did it and then went on playing as if nothing happened. Later, when we were in the construction area, he tried to pull the same thing and then just turned around with my help and climbed down without an issue. Now he knows he can climb down the ladder.

ghost ship?
I caught something!
posing in the bunk beds

Of course he favorite part was the store and little cooking area.  Since it was filled with kids and parents, I only took one photo of him playing there. He spent half the time sorting food with another family who was also teaching him the spanish names for them.  He loves people!

avocado anyone?
He had the most fun in Little Woods playing hide and seek with the museum worker and 3 little girls.  He absolutely loved the girl who was working there and was sad when she had to switch to another room.  It was a good thing she did switch or we never would have gotten him out of that area to use the potty.  We saved the outside for last hoping it would be a little cooler then.  Certainly didn't feel any cooler but at least half of it is covered little caves.  Mr. No climbed in the caves, after being assured that there weren't any snakes in there, and just had to gathered up all the wooden pieces in bowls. 

One last photo with the bunny
He hopped on the bunny for one last photo, then it was pb&j, snacks and lots of water and juice in the car on the way home.  I think this was the first time he really played with everything.  He always has fun when we go but this time he was really into everything.  Fun day for everyone!

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