Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr. No's First Fireworks

Until yesterday, Mr. No had never seen fireworks besides maybe a passing glance out the window while driving.  I just thought the noise would be too much for a little one's ears.  It's too much for my ears sometimes.  The country club near Nana's house has fireworks every year and, since the trees were all chopped down due to beetles, they now have a perfect view of them from their driveway.  So Nana invited us over for dinner and fireworks.  Mr. No adores his Nana and Papa and from the time he woke up (about 7 a.m.) until 4:30 when we finally left for Nana and Papa's all I heard was Are we going to Nana's house now? Are we going to Nana's house now?  Thank goodness he took an hour nap!

Apparently, he had been squishing mushrooms with Papa the day before and that's all he wanted to do outside at first. He thought it was the best game.  He was even in a good enough mood to pause for a few photos!

one of the hunted mushrooms

looking for mushrooms
an almost smile
While he was mushroom hunting, I had the opportunity to snap a few photos of Nana's flowers.

Once he got tired of mushroom squishing, Mr. No then followed the path of grandchildren-made stepping stones into Nana's garden.  He decided that it was a jungle and he was lion.  He crouched behind the plants and began roaring.


just looking super cute

While the crouching lion was occupied again, I snapped a few more flower photos.  Until he got himself kicked out of the garden for stomping on plants. 

he looks so innocent but we know better...
Mr. No decided that being kicked out of the jungle would not stop him from being a lion.  He started chasing a wiffle ball around the yard.  He'd throw it to me, attack me for it and then run after it when I threw it across the yard.  Apparently that is how lions play, at least according to Mr. No.

kicking his feet in the air and pawing at the ball
attack of the lion!


getting ready to pounce
This game continued until it was time for dinner.  For once, Mr. No actually wanted to eat dinner and did a good job eating!  3 preschool games (may have been more if he didn't horribly cheat at hungry hippos so I refused to play any more), 4 books and a bath later, it was time for the fireworks.  Well, almost time.  Papa put some reggae music on is Nana's car and we sat in the driveway to wait.  Mr. No kept us entertained by dancing, breakdancing and rolling down the little hill.

sitting in his chair waiting

he kept running to spit because he wanted all the spit out of his mouth...good luck with that Mr. No!

showing off his breakdancing moves
Finally the fireworks began.  I wasn't sure how Mr. No would react.  He loved them!  He did get a little fidgety and want to go inside right near the end but it was getting late.  He switched from Nana's lap to mine just in time for the finale.  He's been talking about them ever since.  Not sure how he'd do closer to them but maybe it's worth a try.


the how it looks like a big heart

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