Friday, June 10, 2011

SEE Science Center

Since we were in for another day of hot and humid weather but this one accompanied by severe thunderstorms, our second possible beach day was scrapped.  The boys really wanted to do something and I was not in the mood for another kid's museum.  Luckily I noticed that our Association of Children's Museums Pass also included and Association of Science-Technology Centers membership this year.  Though I can understand why it's included because they limit you to having to travel at least 90 miles (straight line) away to visit another science center for free unless the center is willing to waive that.  Way to try to get kids into the science museums! The SEE science center is about 90 miles away but the website stated they accept all ASTC passport members anyway. So we packed our bag, got ready the fastest ever and piled into the car.  I have to say I was pretty excited about this place myself.  So don't expect good photos since I was too busy playing!

*Just a warning that this post will be photo heavy due to the Lego Millyard!*

After getting lost for a few minutes as usual, we arrived in Manchester, NH about 1hr and 45 minutes later.  The Museum itself is really easy to find if you're paying attention.  We seem to never be paying attention. We were already impressed with the front of the building so our hopes were high.

SEE Science Center's shared building
 Of course, as always, our first stop was the restroom.  I have to add here that we made one stop on the way to use the restroom and Mr. No, who has been fighting potty training tooth and nail, woke up dry and used the restroom all day with no accidents!  He told us in the car when we needed to stop for him and used the restroom when we asked him to.  Yay for Mr. No! 

The excited big boy!

The employee at the desk was amazingly friendly and helpful and lately they aren't always the nicest at museums, even kid's museums, we've noticed.  And Mr. No's eyes just lit up when the gentleman told him that he could touch absolutely everything except for the turtles and lizards.  I have to say that they packed a lot of little activities into 2 floors.  Of course Mr. No's favorite part was the food. We started and ended there. It was really a little farm area where you pretend to plant and such but the boy cannot resist play food!

working hard on the farm

the menfolk harvesting the crops
 There was a new exhibit on teeth and dental hygiene with lots of drawers so Mr. No spent far more time there than I would have thought.  He has that little kid curiosity and so every drawer had to be opened.  I do wish he enjoyed brushing his own teeth as much as the fake ones.

This is how we brush our teeth...

Downstairs was the amazing Lego Millyard which will be at the end of the post and so many things to play with.  Both the boys liked the pulley chairs.  We even got the scaredy Mr. No to ride on it with the stipulation that I held onto him from behind the entire time so no photo of that. :(

oops! I misspelled adventures and am way too lazy to fix it!

using those muscles!
of course H had the most fun!
There truly was so much to look at and touch that poor Mr. No got a bit overwhelmed.  I tried to direct him but he was literally just spending about 30 seconds on something and shooting off to the next exhibit.  He did spend a few minutes at the big bubbles especially when and older girl came over and made huge ones for him which of course he tried to pop!  Here are just a few of the things we played with:

Mr. No playing

H playing

so excited that a bubble exhibit in a museum actually worked!

The coolest part of the museum, at least for adults and older kids, is the huge Lego Millyard. I believe it said it took 3 million lego blocks and 2 1/2 years to make and it was designed after that area. I was pretty impressed.  Mr. No liked going around the whole thing looking for animals and then freaked when he saw the water.  "There is water coming out of the legos!  How do they do that?!?"  It was super cute.  H was so impressed by it that he took a 10 minute video of it. Aren't you glad I only take photos? I'm keeping them small to save space. Just click on them to see them full size.

the whole millyard

the black train was an actual working train

looking down the storefronts


Mr. No thought the fountain with fake water was pretty cool

the ferris wheel!

amazed by the picnickers

the oh-so-impressive water!
just thought this seemed perfect for an end picture :D

Of course Mr. No had to make his own city.  So while H was filming the entire millyard, Mr. No and I built our own buildings out of Duplos. I think it came out pretty well for a 3 1/2 year old.

We will definitely have to go there again in a few months. Lots of fun for all of us, I think the most fun for H, and there was a lot for Mr. No to learn.  Of course, we hit the nasty thunderstorm in rush hour on the way home so we hid in a mall for over an hour.  H could handle the traffic or the thunderstorm but not the 2 combined and I really couldn't blame him for that.

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