Monday, June 6, 2011

Crane Beach

Since I started this on Wednesday and we traveled here on Tuesday, I didn't get to start with our favorite beach for Mr. No.  Today was a migraine filled laze in bed in pain day so I didn't go anywhere even though H was home.  H, being the awesome guy that he is, took Mr. No back to Owen Bell Park so I could rest.  So I'm posting the photos from our trip to Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA.  This beach, while rather pricey on weekends, is the best beach for kids. Although if you go after 3pm, it's half price which is nice.  The water is shallow and there are little waves but what makes it awesome is at low tide there are tidal pools everywhere for timid and small children to play in.  Out in the ocean, the ocean floor is covered in snails, sand dollars and hermit crabs though I didn't find any crabs this week. Mr. No started out the beach day by pitching a massive fit on the beach.  Screaming, crying, throwing an all out tantrum.  He even started screaming at me to get out of a 1-inch deep tidal pool.  I don't know if it was the lack of a nap or just 3 year old fears but we almost had to leave.  He started to calm down a tiny bit and actually walked on the beach after a juice and a cookie.

Then I went out into the ocean and got a few snails for him to see and put them in a small tidal pool.  He forgot all about his fears and went right in the tidal pool to play with the snails..

This little guy was super friendly and stayed out when Mr. No held him.

Then he got a little tired of being picked up over and over again and hid in his shell.

After playing with the snails and sand dollars, he finally decided that the water was fun!  I got out of him in the car that he thought there were monsters and sharks in the water.  Not sure where that cam from because he's never been afraid of monsters.  Scooby Doo taught him that all monsters are just people in costume..."except Phantom Virus and his gang".  Mr. No reminds me of that every time.

Finally figured out that he could puddle jump at the beach...

and loved it!

 Mr. No even let me carry him out into the ocean! And it was his idea!  He only lasted about 5 minutes but it was very brave and I was very proud of him.

Yay! A smile!
The day started out a little rocky but we all ended up have a great time and Mr. No and I were sad to leave. We'll definitely be going back this summer...just after 3 and hopefully with a happier Mr. No.

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