Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hopeville Pond

We had all sorts of plans on where we'd spend our Tuesday.  Then, of course, we were lazy and barely moving that day.  Even when we got into the car we had no idea where exactly we'd end up, we did have a few ideas, but we did know that Mr. No needed to get in at least a 30 minute nap.  We started heading to Stony Brook and then turned around and decide to go to the little beach in Niantic.  About halfway there, H decided he didn't feel like driving that far that close to dinner time.  He spotted the Hopeville Pond sign and made a last minute decision to go there.

Of course, for the first time ever, the car was cleaned out and the ball, giant frisbee and any other outdoor toys were comfortably in the house.  We did have a little balloon helicopter though.  So we went to the big field first so Mr. No could wake up a little from his nap.  H sent the first one up into the trees. Luckily, it didn't get stuck.  Then Mr. no wanted to try to blow one up himself.

That didn't work so well but he tried.  Then H had to show off and burst the balloon. One down.  Luckily there was a 2nd balloon for H to blow up. Mr. No got to launch the 2nd one.

closing his eyes in case it flew in his face
and let go...

Somehow that balloon burst, too, but he was awake enough to decide that running was fun.  We met a very nice lady and her dog, Jamal.  The woman let Mr. No play with her bubble stuff while she was busy with her dog.  Jamal was in a fresh mood and Mr. No was sad when our time with them was cut short.

blowing can see the lady in background

when Jamal took off and refused to come back
After the woman and her dog left for a woods walk, Mr. No decided that he wanted to go to the water but insisted on walking. Since it is a little hike from the field to the beach, H drove the car there.  Mr. No wanted to hunt for  mushrooms the entire way and there were plenty to find.  We did hop in the car about halfway there because we were taking too long for H.

Mr. No shocked me and H by running right into the water.  After the screaming fit he had at the beach the last time, we figured he'd play in the sand and maybe toss a rock or 2.  Nope.  He ran right in almost up to his thigh (with me right behind him).  Thank goodness I had the camera because no one would believe us otherwise!

We found out from Mr. No that he likes the water without the waves and that's where he wants to swim.  But he does like going to water with the waves if it's the one with the snails (Crane Beach).  Good to know Mr. No!

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