Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baking Soda Experiments

We've been basically home bound so far this week with iffy weather forecasts every day. Tomorrow and Thursday look like they may be promising, so we're hoping to get a nature walk in tomorrow...haven't narrowed down the 10 choice list yet...and maybe a zoo on Thursday.  Please cooperate weather! We did get out today to watch Kung Fu Panda 2.  Mr. No loved it and watched every second of it.  I thought the peacock looked pretty awesome when he was fighting. This is only the 2nd movie he's sat through with us without fidgeting and wanting to leave with only 30 minutes left.  I guess he's finally hit his age for sitting through a movie theatre movie.  Yay! 

Mr. No and I have been working on his ABC's through crafts for the past couple of months.  Yesterday, I decided to create a very simple ABC game that can be expanded on with every letter we learn so we can recap our learned letters every Monday.  Mr. No actually loved the game and I wish I had gotten a few photos of him playing it.  Our other new addition to learning this week was simple science experiments.  Yesterday we did the basic baking soda and vinegar experiment which just smells nasty.  Mr. No loved it!  So I decided to up it a notch and found the lemon juice, dish detergent and baking soda experiment.  Wow was that a hit! And it smelled lovely!  He was excited today before the experiment even began after yesterday's experiment.

Since I can't help him measure and take photos, there aren't any of him pouring in the baking soda or soap but I did let him do all the steps himself.  Wouldn't be any fun if I did it all for him! I did get him pouring in the lemon juice though.

you can see the excitement on his cute little face!

How does it do that?!?

stirring it up to make more bubbles
 He was so excited by it that he even made H come downstairs to see all the bubbles he made.  I knew this would amaze Mr. No!

pointing out the bubbles to H
Mr. No loved this experiment so much that we had to do it 4 times!  That is now one ridiculously clean fishie cup!  His favorite part was actually pouring it into the sink and watching the bubbles rise up the other side as I rinsed out the cup. I can guarantee that he will ask to do this again...and again...and again!

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