Friday, September 2, 2011

Vacation Photos: The End!

Finally at the end of the vacation photos!  Only took me 3 weeks.  Of course, I haven't been spending that much time on the computer lately.  Our last full day of vacation was spent with the entire family.  Somewhat in waves.  Mr. No played in the hot pool (hot tub) with the kids.  The kids were all in love with the hot tub.  I don't even think most of the adults even used it but the kids were in there any chance they could get.  Mr. No loved that the water was warm regardless of the temperature outside.  The kids were awesome with him and they made sure he was safe while they played.

Mr. Hot Pool

hanging out with the big kids
After they dried off, it was off on an adventure for Mr. No.  The kids and Uncle T were heading to have some fun on the go carts and bumper boats.  Mr. No had never been on either one before and we weren't sure how he would react.  The kids were going so he had to go, too.  I was so proud of how brave he was.  He's hesitant about a lot of things.  He had an amazing time and loved both!  He did get a little cranky at the end but he was overtired by that point.

waiting patiently to go on the go carts

Uncle and Cousin J first ones out

Mr. No loving it!

Cousin T looking serious
Cousin K in the slowest car

Uncle T and Cousin J had the fastest car and lapped everyone

The on to the bumper boats!  Mr. No could barely wait to get onto the bumper boats after how much fun he had in the go cart!  Cousins K & J went on the bumper boats with him.  I did freak out a little when Mr. No started reaching over the side trying to touch the water. I'll admit it but H was shooting the kids and didn't realize what he was doing. 

Here's where he started to lean over the side.  See how far down the water is?  I think I was justified.
Mr. No had an amazing afternoon with the kids!  Then he passed out in the car and slept for the next 2 1/2 hours!  H napped with him while I enjoyed one last day on the beach.  That night Nana and Papa took everyone out for a family dinner.  Mr. No actually ate his dinner for (baked not fried), broccoli and rice.  He likes the healthy stuff! Then it was back to the house for one last hot pool dip for Mr. No on our last night.  Sad that it went by so quickly! We did actually get in a group photo the next morning right before we had to leave.  Some of us were less than thrilled about that but I think it made Nana and Papa happy.  Unfortunately it didn't come out clear at all but at least we have 1 picture all together!

Bye Cape! :(

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