Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everyday Moments

I haven't been keeping up with the photos of our day to day outside fun.  I'm not so thrilled with my photos lately at all...okay I hate them....and I really need to get out of this rut.  It really seems like the more I read and learn, the worse the photos come out.  But I love having photo memories of things especially since my memory is so terrible.  Most day's I'm lucky if I remember to wear my shoes out of the house never mind what I had for breakfast.  All that aside, I do love our outside fun every day and hate to think that I could forget it.  So here are a few days worth of outside fun, Mr. No style.

First are a few from our walk on Thursday.  You need to make sure you have your supplies when you talk a wagon walk!  Everyone needs their bug catching net filled with magic spell book and random items (not for catching bugs), pumpkin candy bin and, of course, plastic sword.  You never know when a dragon or sorcerer might strike or candy might fall from the sky.  It's always best to be prepared!

oh and don't forget the juice and snack!
crazy hair!

We were working on K last week so on Friday we bought a little kite since it was fairly windy.  Mr. No thought it was awesome until he got himself wrapped up in it.  One of the cats from our house came out to play plus a random cat from who knows where. These photos are terrible.

random cat

Miss Brenna

What does a Mom do when she's home with a fever?  Take her little boy outside to practice his soccer...after he finishes his letter of the week lesson, of course.  What is this rest that others speak of?

Monday morning fun!  While H sleeps, we try to get outside so it's quiet inside.  I wish I had the time to be sick.  We were setting up his gross trash can guys, rolling down the hill, spinning and he was pretending that he was a doggy.  He even brought back a stick in his mouth...that game ended soon.  Ick.

Miss Brenna hanging out with us

setting up his guys with his omnitrix of course


Doctor Doom with gross guy in background

just a little attitude

When Mr. Nos attack!
He was actually using his head to push me down in the above photo.  He's something else this little man.  We've been making the most of the nice fall weather and enjoying the new big yard.  Today we're off to (hopefully) pumpkin pick.  He can't wait!

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