Thursday, September 29, 2011

September Top 5 Quartely Link Up

This time I chose photos that most capture Mr. No's personality rather than what I thought were my best photos of him. He's happy, silly and full of crazy...I mean, energy...and I think these photos show that pretty well.

Mr. No in his box car that we have yet to finish.  I really have to get moving on that.  It's going to be super cute but the move kind of ended construction on it.  Of course, it can't just have some marker headlights and a door cut out.  It has to have a windshield and funky paper all over and a steering wheel and dragon flannel carpet to sit on...

Mr. No sitting in the water almost up to his neck.  This is the kid who will not even put a toe in the ocean and screams at me for sitting in a tidal pool and he's sitting in the lake that we had to drag him out of.

Playing in the fog at the Science museum and just being Mr. Silly No.  I believe he was superhero flying.

Mr. No proudly posing with his buddy dragonfly (you can just barely see his head on the top of the stick).  Our new home has tons of wonderful dragonflies and Mr. No is beyond thrilled!

Last is Mr. No the Olympic puddle jumper!  If there is a puddle, anywhere, Mr. No has to jump in it.  He cannot resist the lure of the puddle.  Luckily we have rain boots and a rain coat for just such an occasion.

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  1. I think you displayed his personality well. I just love seeing kids have fun. I always think about memories you will discuss when looking back at these photos one day.

  2. So cute! Your son looks like he is a ton of fun!

  3. What wonderful photos. Looks like sooo much fun. I love that last one.

  4. These are great! I love that you chose photos to really show off her fun carefree spirit!! The last one of him jumping in the puddle is great :O) That is too funny that he is scared of the ocean and loves the lake. The one of the fog is fantastic! What a fun thing to play in!!