Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to Wickham Park

This week we decided that we needed a little fun family time out so we spent Wednesday at Wickham Park.  I love Wickham Park.  It's only a few dollars to get in and we can hang out and relax as long as we want.  Of course we had to start at the potty.  Poor Mr. No.  It was a rough car ride at the end but worth it since the potty is right next to the best little kid playground.  He loves the tube to crawl in and he even got me on the merry go round with him.  We barely got him off of it which is such a change from before where we couldn't get him on it!  Then it was picnic time.  No was so excited to have a pic-nic (he stresses both syllables which is super cute!).  Not sure why eating the same food outside is so wonderful to him but he loves it. 

munching his pb sandwich and clementine

We picnicked next to another playground so of course Mr. No had to play there too.  This one had a seesaw!  Actually H and I went on it first then Mr. No wanted to ride with H.  This didn't go too well of course with a 6'1" daddy and a taller than average but still a little 3 year old.  So I got on the side with Mr. No and he loved it!  His favorite part was leaving H up in the air and then slamming him to the ground.  H had the amazing idea to put his feet up on the seesaw on the way down and slammed his rear into the ground.  Good thing there was a tire there to somewhat soften the landing.  At least Mr. No doesn't ever have to try the stupid things and get hurt because H does them first and shows him the often painful consequences. 

After playground fun and 2nd potty break, we went to feed the ducks. Well first Mr. No had to stop for a photo with the statue he loves.

 For once we brought bread and Mr. No was super excited to feed them.  I feel so bad but it's so hard for him to understand that they don't want him in their little duck faces.  We had to get him to sit and  wait so they would come back and eat.  So hard for a little guy to sit calmly.  We gave up after a few minutes.  He just wanted to be near them.

the ducks were crazy...splashing and charging at each other

trying so hard to sit and watch

There was a blue jay circle about screeching at us and trying to get some bread.  The guy would swoop out of nowhere and snag a piece.  There was also a cute little chipmunk munching on some seeds that Mr. No had to try to visit, too.  Of course the poor little guy stuffed his cheeks and ran. 

We had to visit the frogs before we headed home.  There were so many polywogs and we were told there weren't any frogs visible but we actually saw a ton.  Mr. No stomped in the water (oops) and loved waling at the edge and watching them all jump in., H

H and Mr. No wanted to stop for a photo.  Then apparently they didn't...H start poking at his bug bites while Mr. No was attempting to cooperate.  Then I finally got H to cooperate (even though it was his idea)  and Mr. No was done with it all.  He finally decided he'd sit but he was going to be silly Mr. No.  I was done with it all before we even started.

Yeah, these were the best ones.  Whatever.  Mr. No is so much more fun when he's just being Mr. No anyway.

We were going to head home after that except H had the brilliant idea to climb some stone steps to see where they lead.  Well, they led all the way back up the hill to other playground.  Even poor Mr. No was sweaty and exhausted.  Guess who went to get the car while the other 2 sat on the bench?  Yep, the one with the brilliant idea...

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