Tuesday, September 13, 2011

August Memories

I've been so lazy or busy lately that I missed a bunch of photos from last months.  Just silly every day sort of things but I've found that those tend to be the most important and most loved memories...for me anyway.  Especially as he's growing older so quickly, I miss just hanging out with my laughing baby or dancing with my unsteady toddler. Now it's silly faces and crazy antics that I'm going to miss the most. 

Firs up, Mr. No hanging out with H (and a little friend) on a hot August day...

he loves to steal H's hat and looks so darn cute in it!

Daddy kisses!

Mr. Silly
a little friend from the yard

Hello adorable little guy!
The next photos from August I love!  Mr. No did not want to go in the sprinkler because he didn't like getting water in his eyes.  He came up with bright...and hilarious...idea of wearing the goggles from his plastic tool box.  I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing because he thought he looked awesome!

deciding to brave with water without the goggles

See how brave I am?

The last 3 were from a mid-August family wagon walk.  Thank goodness we had the wagon because about 15 minutes into the walk, Mr. No had to use the bathroom.  So me and my lovely common sense decide to turn around and rush back.  H wanted to continue on until it looped around stating it would be the equidistant.  Um, no.  He finally checked it out on his gps and realized it would have taken 3 times longer or more to continue on.  Woohoo!  I love to be right! Yeah, I have no shame.  Oh and Mr. No did make it to the potty!

pretending to be bored

monster ROAR!

See why I love these memories?  And not just because I have yet another example of how I'm so much better at directions and distance (among other things).  These photos are the way I think of my Mr. No...silly, happy, kissable and wearing crazy goggles!

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