Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pumpkin Picking!!!

While I hate the thought of winter coming so quickly, I have to admit that I love love love fall! I love apple picking and especially pumpkin picking and ALL things Halloween!  I am a little sad (and selfish I know!) that No will be picking his own costume this year.  He's been the most adorable undead pirate, little dinosaur and knight. I'm not looking forward to years of wanting to be whatever the most popular cartoon character is.  So far he wants to be Frankenstein.  I'm okay with that. 

We decided to try pumpkin picking super early this year (and that way we can go again!) since we went too late to in the patch pick last year and asked H's mom if she wanted to join us as she has a few times in the past.  Mr. No does love to see his Grandma and was singing Grammy Grammy Grandma for half the hour long drive to her house.  I had read a couple articles on how there might be a pumpkin shortage here after the tropical storm so H called to make sure they were open and had pumpkin.  Westview Creamery in Monson was not affected by the storm and there pumpkins were just beginning to be ready for picking.  I really like this pumpkin patch.  It has gorgeous scenery and huge patches.  We wandered through them for probably an hour.  There was a lot to choose from already and we're mostly likely going back for more in the next week or 2.

entering the pumpkin patch
Mr. No was Grandma's shadow for most of our time in the patch.  He even helped her pull the wagon over to the patch.

Mr. No was very picky about what he wanted.  He really wanted little pumpkins and gourd the most.  And only 1 big pumpkin.  I wanted more big time, I guess.  We might actually try our hand at carving them for the first time.  H found Mr. No's first gourd which made him super happy!

H wandered all the way down one way, Mr. No followed Grandma around and I was left to poke on my own and snap a few photos.

Mr. No hadn't found anything but the gourd at this point so I convinced him to come with me to find one.  It was a failed attempt as well.  He's is the pickiest pumpkin picker ever!

He was more excited by the little creatures we found everywhere...flying grasshoppers, butterflies, worms which he was afraid to touch and fuzzy yellow caterpillars which he was dying to touch.  It's all about him having a good time so I'd say it was a successful day!

He allowed me to take a photo in the patch and then wanted to head back to Grandma.  It was more like finding his way through the jungle.  He even got himself trapped at one point and I had to help him find his way.  He's tall for a 3 year but still not tall enough!

H and I decided to leave No with Grandma again and search for a big pumpkin on our own.  We didn't find a big one we could agree on so we just got the one H had picked up earlier but I did find 2 teeny little pumpkins which made Mr. No happy happy happy!

Finally we left the patch with our choices.  Mr. No decided to be sassy and insist that he was getting more pumpkins from the boxes outside the patch. I told him not this time but we would come again this year and he could pick some then.  We'll he got upset and smacked so he got a time out outside the pumpkin patch.

time out pout face
He did end up getting and extra gourd only because they were 2 for $1.  He ended his day by finding a very nice little girl to play with on the little plastic play area.  He wasn't interested in feeding the goats or even in ice cream.  He just wanted to play with the "nice girl".  So happy that preschool is helping him so much with his social skills!  He now talks to kids and plays with them wherever we go!  Yay!  They had a blast together and it was sad to make him go but Grandma was going to cut H's hair and we all had to get some dinner soon.  Mr. No had a fabulous day at the patch and has had a busy week with school 2 days, pumpkin picking with Grandma, visiting his Great-Grandparents (who he adores!) and tonight he's going over Nana and Papa's for a bit.  Busy little bee!  We'll see what next week brings!

Mr. No with his great-grandparents

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