Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Photos from This Week

I just realized today that I hadn't posted any photos this week.  Of course we're once again living in a sick house, so really none of us have been in the picture taking mood.  Mr. No brought another cold home from school and infected us and actually missed a day of school this week because of a slight fever.  We did still manage to have some adventures...mostly just around the house. 

We've had quite the array of fuzzy caterpillars lately!  Yellow ones, orange ones, black and white ones. Mr. No would love to keep them all!  Here's Mr. No and his caterpillar buddy from last Friday (when he started to get sick).

Sunday we went out to lunch with Auntie Lyssa and Uncle J and then just played around the house like sick people should.  Lazy Sundays are usually my favorite days with Mr. No...when we don't drive each other crazy.

playing with H's old hero clicks

Here's another fuzzy caterpillar visitor.  This one spent a little time hanging out with us in Mr. No's bug box.  He hated to let him go!

This week was a big week for Mr. No!  His new big boy twin bed came (no more toddler bed!) and his super awesome superhero sheet set came in the mail as well!  It was when he picked up the packages that contained the sheet sets that he noticed Mister Fuzzy Caterpillar above.  Mr. No is so excited about his new big bad and trundle and  the sheet sets just pushed that excitement over the top.  Not that you could at all tell from the photo below...

We attempted to check out a new (and free!) nature sanctuary, Capen Hill, this week.  I say attempted because we got about 5 minutes into our walk when H couldn't take it any more.  If Mr. No wasn't getting bitten a little as well, I would have let him suffer.  See, I put bug repellent on before we left and I started to spray down Mr. No but H insisted that we had No's organic bug repellent in the car (I remembered it being used up) and insisted I stop spraying him down.  H did not put on any because he was going to use the (nonexistent) bug spray in the car.  Of course, it was not there and H was eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Poor No got a couple bug bites on his face which I blame on H.  I should know better than to listen to him.  As for me?  Not even 1 bite.  I do have to say it was hilarious to watch H try to fake karate chop at the mosquitoes.  The place seemed nice and we'll have to go back to actually check it out. 

tried to get him to jump off the rock again...he would not cooperate

Since we didn't really get to play in the woods, Mr. No and I played in the yard for a bit.  Until he had to do his "work".  He's a very important person with lots of computer work to do and emails to write. On his mobigo.  That's turned off.  Very important work indeed.  He's awesome!  I cracks me up how he throws around email and send a text.  Things are so different from when I was a kid...

See we're very busy around here!  At least next week we should have Mr. No's apple orchard adventure to post.  And hopefully this horrible cold will be gone!

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