Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool!!!

Mr. No had his first day of preschool today!  If anyone wants to tell me how he went from this:

to this:

so quickly, I would really love to know!  He's not quite 4 and won't start Kindergarten for 2 more years but we thought he could really use some social skill development.  He's not around many kids his age so he panics when he meets other kids.  So we decided to start him a little early.  Only 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours each day to see how he'd do. 

Today was his first day and it was quite an experience!  Not school itself but the whole process of getting ready to leave for school. I was already a little tense because it is sad that my little boy is growing up so fast but man I have the 2 pokiest people on the planet to motivate!  I was up and showered and ready before the first alarm even went off.  H stumbled out of bed into the bathroom complaining about the alarm going off and then tried to stumble back into bed.  He was not a fan of me telling him that it was probably a better idea to get in the shower.  Mr. No was still sleeping.  I had to force him to wake up with tickles and bribe him with strawberry milk to get him to come down for breakfast.  Of course he doesn't want anything quick for breakfast.  He wants pancakes.  Really?!?  Grrr...so I made pancakes because I wanted him to have a happy morning.  The pancakes sat in front of him for over 10 minutes while he chattered on and on about...well, I have no idea...I was getting a little annoyed that he wasn't eating what he begged me to make.  Finally, I had to use "the voice" to get him moving.  He ate and talked and talked and talked some more.  I got so annoyed with how long breakfast was taking, I even brushed his hair while he was eating or we wouldn't have had time!  After he finally munched down 3 of the pancakes, I had to usher him upstairs to brush teeth and get dressed.  This is the time we were planning on leaving.  Yeah, right.  He had to find toys to hold in the car for the 20 minute ride, wandered off while getting dressed just to pick up the things on his window sill and put them down again, was being difficult about getting socks on.  H was no help.  He was just poking around too looking for things we didn't need.  Arrgghhh! 

the boys poking around wasting time
This was about where I lost it and ordered everyone into the car.  I got looks and attitude but finally some movement.

What?  I'm ready to go!
Woohoo! Finally we were heading out the door.  Mr. No had to slide on his bum down the stairs and H slowly took up the rear of the procession.  Of course we had to stop for the obligatory photo at the door.

Now for the past week, Mr. No has been saying how he didn't want to go to school.  He was only going because Mama wanted him too (awww!).  Apparently he changed his mind...

running for the car
After a tense car ride, with a somewhat sad Mama and very excited Mr. No, we finally arrived...early!  Mr. No was all about getting into school.  Until we actually got into school and he saw all the people,  then he got a little iffy about the whole thing.  I left my camera in the car like a moron so I only have 2 cell phone pics at school.

waiting in line, a little uncertain...
I could tell he was nervous and excited because he wanted H to take a photo of me and him.  Cutieness!

such a lovebug!

He wanted patiently for his turn, entered the room and paused.  Luckily we were in the doorway because another little boy was trying to escape and find Mommy.   Mr. No had no desire to leave.  A kiss goodbye from me and an ignored goodbye from H and I don't even think he noticed when we left.  I don't think he cared.  We went to the parent orientation, wasted some time and came back to get him.  We were 2nd in line.  No I wasn't at all eager to see how his day went!  His teacher told us he did his normal stand-offish watching thing for only a bit then jumped right in and played!  He was engrossed in playing, that he wouldn't even sit down for a snack.  I think it's because they had jelly crackers and he's not interested unless there is peanut butter which isn't allowed.  When she called him over to leave, he covered his face in his hands and leaned into the ground, pretending he didn't see us.  The only reason he got up is because the teacher asked him to get his papers to give to Mommy.  Then he proceeded to throw himself to the floor at the door, good naturedly but still did not want to leave.  I think I may have been upset by it if I wasn't completely expecting it.  I know him and knew the problem wouldn't be getting him to stay, it would be getting him to leave!

We finally got him up and out and tried to learn out his day.  First thing he told us was that he peed in the potty twice!  Yay!  The teachers asked him and he said yes and went.  Woohoo big boy!  Of course the next thing he said was that 2 kids were crying and a couple kids pushed him in the baby (doll/kitchen) area.  They were freshy to him but he wasn't freshy to them.  He was a little freshy because he didn't share something but wouldn't be next time.  It's so funny how he gives the gossip and tattling (even on himself!) first.  He told us that he wanted to stay all day.  They read a story about a froggy with people, sang a song (but he didn't sing) and played.  He was excited that there was another kid with his name (not sure yet if that true or not).  And excellent day by Mr. No standards and he can't wait to go back!  I'm so proud of you Mr. No!

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