Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flashback Friday: Puddles

Because I'm super lazy and have been going to bed (and getting up) super early with Mr. No, I'm combining what was supposed to be last night's post of Mr. No puddle jumping after his 2nd day of school yesterday and tonight's flashback friday.  And since I was already doing puddle jumping, I went back and found Mr. No's first experience with playing in puddles at about 18 months old.

Flashback Friday

Mr. No cautiously checking out his reflection in a huge puddle in the park at 18 or 19 months old. This was one of my 365 project of Mr. No that year.  I wish I had done that his first year of life, too.  It's amazing to see how fast he grew!

Now if there is puddle, it's almost impossible to keep Mr. No out of it!  He even splashed in one without his rain boots (grrrr)  when leaving school yesterday.  Another little kid enviously commented on it and I'm certain was not allowed to go near it.  Eh, it was upper 60s and we were headed home so whatever.  When we decided to take a library trip after lunch, Mr. No was told he could definitely puddle jump to his little heart's content...WITH his rain boots on. I never ever take good puddle jumping photos but I still love taking them anyway.  Mr. No can jump!  A lot higher than I expected!  He never ceases to amaze me!

Mr. No is practically flying!

walking on water

Then Mr. No decided it was time to go to the library; so he grabbed my purse for me to move things along.  He loves the library, any library, because he can play and bring home a ton of books (we average 15 a week).  He did get to play with a very nice little boy who was there for a little while with his grandmother.  2 days of school and he's already getting better with his social skills.  Yay!

time to go!!!

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  1. Oh, I love these! I still don't have any pics of Jae playing in the rain/puddles. I need to do that!