Thursday, September 12, 2013

Goodbye Eggnog! (a little late)

While in the process of making an Eggnog Evergreen photobook of last year's adventures which Eggnog will bring with him when he returns this year, I realized that I never finished my series on Eggnog's adventures from last year.  Things get busy around Christmas and apparently I forget pretty much everything but now that Mr. No is in school full time I have a little time to catch up.  So here is the end of last year's adventures just a little early for this year's.  But if there's one thing I learned last year, it's never too early to start planning!  Last minute throw togethers are HARD!

Day 19: Evergreen's Travels

Rise of Guardians Elf seems to have recruited some new evil minions: Trashies! With their incredible numbers, they seem to have taken Eggnog down and are roping him to the rug!  I guess they were mad that Eggnog didn't take them out to play though I don't really blame him.  They are disgusting!

Day 20:  Angry Elves

Eggnog brought an early present for Mr. No!  Not sure if it was a Santa approved gift but our Eggnog does what he wants.  Looks like he challenged Rise of the Guardians Elf to a little game and he's wiping the floor with him!  Yay Eggnog!

Day 21:  Cowboys and Robbers

Apparently, Rise of the Guardians Elf is a sore loser!  So he's stealing Eggnog's gold in retaliation!  Bad, bad elf!  I hope they catch him!

Day 22:  A Little Research

 Not sure Eggnog knows what to make of Mr. No's Zinkies.  I don't know if he's ever seen toys so tiny before.  He's certainly examining them closely!

Day 23:  SuperElf!

Eggnog made himself a spiffy little mask and cape (stealing my sewing material again!!!) and is flying high with Spiderman and few other superheroes! There's a lot going on in the town below.  The villains seems to be rushing to the jail! I wonder who's in there...oh, of course!  It had to be Rise of the Guardians Elf causing all the trouble!

Day 24:  Rockin' around the Christmas Tree

The toys all got together to throw a goodbye party for Eggnog since tomorrow is his last day here!  They thought of everything...lights, music, decorations, snacks and even the perfect going away present for Eggnog!  Rise of the Guardians Elf all wrapped up!  Aww how sweet! 

Day 25:  Eggnog's Goodbye

Our last day of Eggnog's Antics are here and he made sure that he left on good terms!  He brought gifts, left Mr. No an wonderful handwritten goodbye and even made us elf sized pancakes for breakfast!  Yum!  Thanks, Eggnog!  We'll miss you!

So finally, there is the end of our Eggnog adventures!  All of his other adventures can be found here:  week 1, week 2 and week 3.

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