Monday, September 30, 2013

Where Have We Been #2: Tougas Family Farm

Since it's still apple picking season and just about the beginning of pumpkin picking season, this week will feature another apple orchard that we tried before Honey Pot Hill, Tougas Family Farm.

The first time we went there Mr. No was just shy of 3 years old.  We actually went there to get a pumpkin for Mr. No since it was late in the season.  We like to pick from an actual patch so we will never go there for pumpkins again.  The pumpkins are already picked and just laying in a field.  But it was fine in a pinch.  We have a gorgeous place where we love to pick pumpkins that I will feature next week. We did have a great time in the field. No one was there and no employees to be seen. Mr. No was a little leery of the scarecrow.  I don't blame him...

We didn't actually pick apples that day.  However, we did end up back there the next 2 years for Mr. No's preschool field trips.  This was actually why we decided not to go back. Partially because we were already there. Partially because of the first field trip when Mr. No was with his class of very well behaved 3 year olds and their parents.  The guide for the field trip was rude and snippy for absolutely no reason. That was just the way she was the entire time we were there. I have to say that the woman's behavior was what mainly made us seek out another orchard.  However, the following year, the guide we had for that field trip was fantastic. Extremely nice and helpful. The kids got to pick 5 apples plus one to eat and a pumpkin.  Parents had to pay to come along but we got the same deal as the kids and Mr. No was thrilled to go home with 15 apples and 3 little pumpkins! The trees look healthy. They are smaller and more of a kid friendly height. The apples are delicious.  It's a place we may try again.  I guess we really shouldn't let one person's bad day sour us on a place.

I can see why a lot of families go here.  There is a lot for kids to do.  They also have weekday hay rides, which is a plus for us, and farm animals including the loudest goats ever!  Mr. No loved them!

Mr. No's favorite part, of course, was the playground.  Tire swing, monkey bars, brand name wooden playground and, the best part, a real tractor to climb on!  

And, of course, we can't forget H's favorite part! The cider doughnuts and apple cider are both delicious!  The only thing more exciting to Mr. No than cider season is eggnog season!

 Definitely a place to check out!  We just may have to give it another try...if only to let Mr. No ride the tractor!

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