Monday, September 30, 2013

Homemade Ghost Costume: Not Just a Sheet

Mr. No is still undecided about this year's costume.  I hope he doesn't wait until last minutes to chose something that I'm going to have to have to throw together!  Last year he had his heart set on being a ghost.  Seems easy enough.  Every told me just to cut holes in a sheet and be done with it.  Well, that's not fancy enough for me and Mr. No had rules about how he wanted his costume to be.  Rule 1 was nothing could cover his face.  No full masks and absolutely no sheets.  Rule 2 was it had to be just a little scary.  Rule 3 was it had to look cool.  Rule 4 was no face paint. So that pretty much ruled out every costume out there.  All the non-sheet ghost costumes were too girly and the store costumes had full masks or face paint.  Until I found this ghost costume at  I used the oversized sweatshirt idea to use for an easy base but changed the rest of it.  I'm not great at sewing so I really just improvised enough to get it to look decent. 

Instead of using a turtle neck and making a hat, I used a simple white hoodie. I bought it one size too big so we could layer under it.  In New England, you never know what the weather will be.  One year it was t-shirt weather the next we had a blizzard.  I also bought the very durable and still used mask on etsy at Mahalo.  

I did use the tulle that they used but also added 1-2 inch wide strips of another fabric...can't remember the name but it looks like mummy bandages.  Instead of draping it over, I slit the shoulder seams and sewed both the tulle and strips inside.  Then also sewed them along the neck seam so nothing would move and a few around the arm holes.  

 The strips were very delicate and I needed a way to both make them stronger and add a little extra to the costume.  So I watered down some glow in the dark fabric paint and coated the strips.  It stiffened them so they wouldn't break as easily and added a cool little glow effect to his costume. We bought some black sweatpants to make it look like he was floating and then added a thick chain and a ghostly staff to create Mr. No's scary but not too scary ghost.  I should have made something to cover his shoes since they slightly ruined the effect.

 I'm sure those who are even intermediates at sewing could make this look a lot better but Mr. No absolutely loved it, it was comfortable and it was easy to adjust it to whatever weather we might have without ruining the costume.

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  1. super cute, I love the mask! That will make for some good dressing up the whole year! I came over from the costume link party... I just linked up my boys football player costumes for this year... :o)

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