Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tiny Playroom Redo

Mr. No has a ridiculous amount of toys and super tiny playroom.  Seriously.  A good portion are one that we had from when we were younger...Fisher Price Castles and Wild West play sets, He-man and Voltron figures, legos and things like that.  He also has a ton of new toys but the problem is that he loves tiny toys.  Yeah, it's great that he can a new toy more often because most coast around $2-3 but you end up with so many and they end up everywhere.  We had everything in totes with lids stacked in bookshelves.  Not a good idea.  They weren't all the same totes so covers were tossed around, they needed to be stacked and basically if I didn't clean up nothing fit in place. So this year we decided to hit ikea for a playroom redo.

I found exactly what we needed.  Expedit shelving units with a large desk that attached were bought to replace almost all the bookshelves and we found a matching Lack side table to be turned into a Lego table.  We also found some awesome large fabric bins on clearance that were made to fit into the shelving unit. I also made H search around for the perfect (but inexpensive) bin rack to hold and sort all of Mr. No's Legos. Then I made a some curtains, photo labels for the bins and a collage of animal photos for the wall.  After a few days work, it turned from disaster into a usable room with more space to play.  We can't paint or replace the carpet so they had to stay the same.

here is the before, mess and all, please note all of the randomly stacked bins and tiny play table covered in...I'm not sure what:

Here's the after:

I know the road rug does not match but we have yet to find something to replace it.  Mr. No insisted on this Pink Panther fabric for me to make into curtains. So we went with the black shelving and desk to match it. I absolutely love the bins though!  They are incredibly huge!  Even bigger than they look!

See the totes (with word labels) and toys just piled everywhere and the one bookshelf we actually kept.  Yeah, that's how it looked most of the time...

Not a great photo but the picture labels were a must have!  Just click the link to see how easy they were to make. Mr. No can't read yet and H has no idea what most of Mr. No's toys are called so everything was getting mixed up.  Now it's super easy for Mr. No (and H) to clean up the playroom in minutes.  Look for your toy's label, pull out the bin, toss in and toss back into shelf.  And, miraculously, they work!  The room stays fairly clean or can be cleaned in under 10 minutes!

He went from tiny table to huge desk with storage underneath that is great for playing and for homework.  Mr. No is only in Kindergarten but gets homework every night.

This corner I really don't have a before photo of.  It's had so many different things toss in it over the past year...toy boxes, shelves, night stand turned play cabinet.  It went from toss whatever doesn't fit anywhere else corner to the Lego corner.

Lego table made from ikea Lack table. The idea came from Ikea  Hackers and you can see how simple it is to make in this post  as well as a link to the original idea. Stool is from ikea as well and I threw together the little cushion to make it more comfy. Animal collage made from all my animal photos from all our adventures.  I made collages just like these for my bedroom so you can see how I made them here.  They are really simple to make.

Well, that's how I turned a tiny little space into a usable, easily cleaned playroom with a little craftiness and a little help from ikea.

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