Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Elves Love Toys!

Eggnog has been a very busy elf the past week and a half!  He's really started digging through Mr. No's toys, having lots of fun and making a few friends.

Day 9: A Pirate's Life for Me!

Eggnog made himself a little eye patch, dragged a blue blanket over for the ocean, jumped in the Dragon Ship and set off to find not-so-buried treasure. Unfortunately, not only were other pirates (see the Rise of the Guardians elves in the little boat?) seeking the same treasure but the treasure was being guarded by a sea monster and piranha and a trio of ghosts!  Good luck with that adventure, Eggnog!  Mr. No played with this set up for half the day!

Day 10:  Monkeying Around

Eggnog decided that he wanted to find out what it would feel like to be a monkey.  He got 2 barrels of monkeys to agree to show him!  He was the middle of the chain that reached from the ceiling almost to the floor.  Rise of the Guardians Elves were lying on the stool below him just waiting for him to fall. We took Eggnog down but Mr. No counted out he days left until Christmas and left some up to serve as a Christmas countdown.

Day 11:  Ready? Set? Go!

Eggnog dug around for some paper sacks (Max brought his own) and challenged a few friends to a friendly little sack race. Of course, He rigged it so he would win.  We did get a fresh one.

Day 12:  Strike!

Eggnog really dug in the back of the closet for this one!  He found the old bowling set that never really stood up to well and challenged Hulk to a game. Looks like Hulk is getting a little frustrated.  I think Eggnog is cheating.  Look how big his bowling ball is compared to Hulk's.  If you look closely at the pins,  Rise of the Guardians Elf is peeking out.  Wonder if he was going to help Hulk out?

Day 13:  Godzilla Attacks!

oops! they ended up a little blurry when I hastily resized them into this!
Eggnog needed a little back up for this one!  The Godzillas are attacking Go-Go city!  See all the poor Go-Gos run!  Luckily Eggnog, sock bunny (homemade by Mama!) and Beanie lizard found Mr. No's stash of nerf guns!  Good thing they build that clever little wall to hide behind but I'm not sure the bullets are doing much to Godzilla and his friends.

Day 14: Scout Camp Out

Aww, Eggnog was doing something nice!  He took the Lalaloopsy kids on camp out.  Of course, he kept the tent for himself and Gremlin.  Not so thrilled that he raided my fabric stash but at least he made sure they were warm.

Day 15:  Winter Wonderland

Eggnog got into the craft supplies that night and created a winter wonderland in the playroom. He decided to team up with He-man, Man-At-Arms and Link to snowball battle Ogre, Clayface and the Aliens.  You can't see him but Rise of the Guardians Elf is hiding in the Alien's castle.  Such a baby!

Day 16:  Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Eggnog got the whole gang together and even took a ride in the mystery machine!  Too bad the entire town is infested with monsters and ghost.  I'm sure Velma can figure out who's behind all the spooky happenings so Eggnog can help Freddy with some traps.

Day 17: Revenge of the Elf

Mr. No says he's been having nightmares and so he's been sleeping in our room.  Apparently, Eggnog is not too happy about that.  He wrapped string all around his room, decorated his tree with socks and hung undies everywhere!  And we caught him red handed!

Day 18:  Jewel Thief

Eggnog was up to no good once again!  He stole the Imaginext dinosaurs crystals.  Good thing he found the huge dino get away on.  If you wonder how they found out, just look for the Rise of the Guardians Elf on the brachiosaurus' back.  Little tattletale!

Only a week left until Christmas!  Hopefully I can dig up a few more good ideas!  It's starting to get a little harder now.  More Eggnog adventures here  here and here.

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  1. Love your ideas with the toys! Our Elfie goes around the house except Pinky's bedroom. She had a few bad nights after the first time she found Elfie inside her bedroom with her...lol....It's really getting harder to find new ideas...Thanks for sharing!

  2. small and cute :) Merry Christmas!