Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 12 of 2012

It seems like this year just flew by!  I'm sure I say it every year but I feel like I blinked and the year was over.  I now have a 5 year old who will soon be on his way to kindergarten full time.  I'm dreading September this year!  We had our ups and downs this year as always and some happy and sad times but overall Mr. No is growing into a happy, healthy, confident, hilarious little man.  I can't even remember life without him. On to the top 12 in absolutely no order except the first one.  I thought I'd have trouble picking but not this year. The first one was a given especially considering how much he's missed.

1.  Our sweet little Fresh fresh, Braden.  He was hit by a car and killed this September.  He was our first baby (along with his brother)  and with us before Mr. No, before we even were married.  Sweet, cuddly, loving, intelligent, curious pain in the rear sometimes but never a typical cat.  We miss him every day and I admit that I still cry over him being gone.  We love and miss you, buddy!

2.  Mr. No has issues with trying new things so it was a huge deal that he was even willing to try riding a bike never mind finding the courage to race down the bike trail on his own.  Here's my big brave boy so proud of himself!

3. Ghost No!  This is the first year (and probably the last!) that I made a costume for Mr. No.  He insisted on being a ghost.  He's picked his costume every year except his first and has been content with store bought ones.  But not this year.  He hated the store ghost costumes and I really didn't blame him.  Only problem is every online ghost costume is geared toward girls with tutus or for warmer weather.  You can't really have thin costumes in New England in October. So here is our Mr. No ghost creation made by mama!

4. Mustachioed Mr. No!  It's cute.  It's silly.  It was Mr. No's Valentine's day card this past year.  We just love it!

5.  Preschool Year 1 End of Year Certificate Ceremony.  Hard to believe our little baby finished his first year of pre-k. How did he get so old so fast?!?  I didn't get a shot of him trying to squish this mask on his face so he didn't have to hold it any more but we do have a hilarious video.  He still has a tiny bit of baby face left here. It's all gone now. :(

6. The end of the red and black rain boots!  Mr. No has had these same fireman red and black rain boots for 3 years now.  He used to be this little thing in huge boots and now they no longer fit him.  I can't believe they're finally gone.

7.  My little photographer!  I love that he loves to take pictures too.  And how serious and squish faced he is when he does!

8.  My 2 boys. A rare genuine silly, happy moment between the boys.  I love it.  It's actually on my keychain so I have them everywhere I go.

9.  Even more rare Mommy and son photo that was actually taken on our last day with Braden. The 3 of us spent some quality time outside playing, So glad we have good memories of his last days.

10. I love lemurs.  I love that the zoo near us has these awesome habitats with floor to ceiling glass where you can sit right next to the lemurs.  It's amazing for him to be so close to the animals.  And so cute to see them interacting! 

11. Walt Disney World!  Mr. No was so crazy excited about our trip to Disney!  He was the most excited about our character lunch with the characters from Disney Junior.  So here's one from our lunch, Mr. No and Handy Manny!

12.  This last one is probably my favorite from 2012.  It has both Mr. No's signature sassy look and just a hint of baby face left.

So there's 2012 in a nutshell.  Hopefully 2013 will bring more good times and love. 
Happy New Year!

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  1. ah, poor Braden.. loved the picture though.. Happy New Year!